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Uber Customers Unleash #uberdclove on Twitter

Sedan/taxi service Uber is gearing up for another fight with the District's government over regulations, which means that it's time once again for Uber to summon its legion of social media-savvy fans. In a blog post on the company's site, CEO Travis Kalanick urged customers to tweet their support.

"Keep the love alive with #UberDCLove," he wrote.

And there was a lot of love for Uber on Twitter after yesterday's post, with Uber supporters (and they were all supporters) tweeting about how much they wanted the D.C. Taxicab Commission and its head, Ron Linton, to leave Uber alone. The best of those tweets, after the jump.

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  • Athan

    Uber is a corporation like any other and they need to obey the law. The notion that the app or good service is illegal is just foolish. Why didn't Über obtain permits or buy existing cab companies? Because they didn't want to spend the money. They didn't want the liabilities. This is corporate thuggery at its finest. They worked outside the law and branded themselves as victims "just trying to do the right thing". Oh please already. Just read Uber's terms and conditions, So much for accountability...

  • Hillman

    Athan :

    Your post is absolute blather.

    Uber obviously fills a void, as the taxi industry is a abysmal.

    Uber is not asking to be exempt from regulation. Far from it. They are simply asking to be allowed to operate without regulations that are clearly designed only to shut them down.

  • Rychard

    Looks like Hillman's been drinking the Uber Kool-Aid, too.

  • Adam L

    My main problem with the philosophy behind regulations of any kind in this city is that an industry, as a matter of purpose, must be regulated. Maybe Uber will end up breaking the cycle.

  • MHR

    Just as an aside rates were raised, yet I have seen no discernible improvement in service. As an anecdotal point, I was in Dupont a few weeks ago and a cab hit a manhole cover divot, causing his hubcap to go flying off the wheel and bounce into the air and crash to the ground with a resounding CLANG. I kind of laughed, as it exemplified the problems with the taxi regime in this city. Further, we are no closer to requiring taxis to handle credit card payments, with our Mayor For Life blocking new taxi smart meters. It was my understanding that one of the underpinning promises in exchange for higher rates were the smart meters...but once again, no progress.

    Uber provides a service that the DC Taxi Commission comprehends, but could never implement: clean, well-maintained vehicles (can you remember the last time you got into a cab and did not see a "check engine" light illuminated on the dashboard? I cannot...), technological innovation allowing fast access to a ride anywhere in the city, 24 hours a day, and drivers who are not talking on their cell phones, and finally, in some instances, the licensed driver matching the picture of the person on the license placard.

    Just my 2c.

  • IMGoph

    It's a shame that these people haven't experienced real love. Otherwise, they wouldn't bastardize the term in this way. :)