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It's Friday and the seasons are in flux. Readers, what could be better?


  • SmarTrip cards not available in all Metro stations, despite surcharge for passengers who don't use one. [Post]
  • Metro delays anti-Muslim ads, gets sued. [Post]
  • Queen of Sweden visits Southeast. [Examiner]


Photo of the Day: Page Three.

Taxi Fight, Again: Techy cab-ordering service Uber and the D.C. Taxicab Commission are at it again. Uber says the commission's new regulations will put them out of business; the commission says Uber's overreacting.

Sand Through the Hourglass: After sitting vacant for 25 years, the controversial McMillan Sand Filtration Site could finally be seeing some development.

Rocking Roll: The District finally has a food truck serving sushi, but with a twist—some of the rolls are fried.

So Hip: The Smithsonian's ad campaign to win over young people isn't as bad as its "Seriously Amazing" tag would suggest.

Chief Party Officer: District Chief Financial Officer Natwar Gandhi threw a wine and cheese reception to celebrate his reappointment yesterday, and the dress code was pretty strict: no turtlenecks or "string ties." Sorry, beatnik cowboys.

LOOSE LIPS, by Loose Lips columnist Alan Suderman. (tips? )

    • Private prison contractor giving innmate a heads up before doing contraband search, prison guards say [Times]
    • Michael Brown calls into tv show to call opponent Mary Brooks Beatty a liar [TBD]
    • Jeff Thompson's old accounting firm gettin' paid by D.C. workers' retirement plans [AP]
    • Vince Gray getting rid of some useless boards and commissions [Examiner]
    • Tommy Wells thinks there's a crisis in government [Times]
    • Bus driver chats with Mark Segraves [WTOP]
    • Mayor Gray and the queen of Sweden [Post]
    • David Grosso talks schools, everything else [CHotR, Reddit]

      HOUSING COMPLEX, by Housing Complex columnist Aaron Wiener. (tips? )

      • America's cities see rising inequality. [Atlantic Cities]
      • Metro's SmarTrip rollout is delayed. [Post]
      • And Metro's intentional delays make no sense. [GGW]
      • D.C. jail workers say layoffs endanger their safety. [Washington Times]
      • Spiffy new affordable housing hits Georgia Ave. NW [DC Mud]
      • Fourteen D.C.-area billionaires make the Forbes 400; only one lives in the District. [CityBizList]
      • The Queen of Sweden checks up on D.C. construction. [Examiner]
      • Get ready for more school closures. [Post]
      • New York imagines the world's first underground park. [The New Yorker]
      • Two years of CaBi, in one cyclical graphic. [Washcycle]
      • Leave your car at home tomorrow. [Car Free Day]
      • Today on the market: Former ambassador's residence.

      ARTS LINKS, by Alex Baca (tips?

      • Hispanic organizations claim exclusion at the yearly Kennedy Center Honors, reportedly elicit epithets from Michael Kaiser [Politico]
      • Nina Katchadourian's exhibit outside the Washington Post building stumps for failed candidates. [Style Blog]
      • Festivals! BYT's picks for the National Book Festival; WAMU's picks for not-National Book Festivals [BYT, WAMU]
      • Michael Cavna profiles the Silver Spring-raised Lewis Black. [Washington Post magazine]

      FOOD LINKS, by Jessica Sidman (tips?

      • A fake holiday giving D.C. residents a reason to drink [City Desk]
      • Movie night at Atlas Arcade [Frozen Tropics]
      • Inside Drafting Table in Logan Circle [BYT]
      • Marrakesh closes on New York Ave. NW. [PoP]
      • Where to eat (and drink) the vote [Eater]
      • Restaurateur Hakan Ilhan and famed chef Roberto Donna opening another restaurant at 425 I St. NW. [WBJ]
      • Hudson Restaurant & Lounge becoming more lounge and less restaurant. [Washingtonian]
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