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The Needle: Leslie Knope on D.C.

Train in Vain: Councilmember Jack Evans promises that Metro will be open for spectators leaving late-night Nats games, but he's mum on who's footing the bill. -3

Hollywood on the Potomac: Apparently, those Parks & Recreation scenes filmed in Washington this summer paid off. In one episode, character Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, describes Washington women as being "like C-SPAN and Neiman Marcus had kids." +1

Bloomingdale Spared: Frequently drenched Ward 5 neighborhood Bloomingdale avoided flooding in this afternoon's storm. +3

Pho for All: Columbia Heights pho shop Pho 14—voted the best pho in D.C. by City Paper readers this year—is expanding to Van Ness. +2

Monday's Needle rating: 58 Today's score: +3 Tuesday's Needle rating: 61

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  • Janet Donovan

    Please remove Hollywood on the Potomac from all of your links and in the future. I own the trademark. thanks, Janet

  • Will Sommer

    Hi Janet,

    Thanks for getting in touch. We'll be keeping the phrase up. Feel free to get in touch further:

  • Art D.

    How about "Hollywood on the Patowmack"?

  • Matt Ashburn

    The phrase "Hollywood on the Potomac" isn't really new, and has been used before to describe Hollywood-esque stuff happening in DC.

    Owning a trademark doesn't give you exclusive control over those words. It's intended to prevent competitors from using a trademark to deceive people into thinking they're representing the trademark owner or offering the same product.

    I find it tough to believe that the City Paper's use of the phrase above "will cause confusion, or to cause
    mistake, or to deceive" readers of the above post that the WCP is actually a sadly-designed blog focusing on Hollywood-style parties and social events.