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Two Cats Euthanized After Amateur Declawing

Eric Gaskin

Animal news in D.C.: sometimes fun, sometimes outrageous and disgusting. Two cats were found in D.C. in May with some horrific injuries, and the alleged culprit was charged last weekend, according to a Washington Humane Society press release (emphasis added):

The kittens were taken immediately to a local emergency animal hospital, where surgeons found that each of the kittens’ claws had been ripped from their feet. In the process of this home declawing procedure most of the bones in each foot were crushed, including each of the kittens’ four legs. Doctors believe the breaks occurred when kittens struggled to escape. Due to the severity of the injuries the kittens sustained, the bones could not be repaired and both were euthanized.

Eric Gaskin, the D.C. man allegedly behind the horrific crime, has been charged with two counts of animal cruelty.

Photo courtesy the Washington Humane Society

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  • …done

    why the fuck did I click this link?


  • Shevonne

    They should declaw him the same way.

  • Typical DC BS

    And I'm sure he'll have some good explanation on why he's such a cheap-ass and fucktard.

  • M

    Declawing a cat is inhumane and unnecessary in ALL instances, let alone what happened to these poor kittens. Here is noted cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy explaining why its cruel to declaw:

  • icare

    These poor souls!!!! Declawing is inhumane and cruel and banned in some parts of the world!! Why can't we learn from this example?!!!!!! This idiotic moron needs to pay for this!!!!!

  • Sammie

    He needs to be declawed.. and then neutered.