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Is When Harry Met Sally Based on Sally Quinn?

Perhaps! New York's DNAInfo flags an interview in which Washington Post writer and recovering Georgetown social scene tent-pole Sally Quinn tells Andrea Mitchell that Nora Ephron told her that she based the "Sally" character in romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally on her.

Quinn says Ephron once revealed the inspiration for Meg Ryan's character at the Post.

But the interview—and your rapidly-shifting memories of that diner scene—gets stranger still. Billy Crystal's sad-sack Harry, according to Quinn, was based on Post op-ed writer Richard Cohen, a strong contender in any competition for Dullest Post Writer. Cohen, by the way, says it's not him.

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  • Anonymous

    Could this old ho be any more pathetic or appear any more desperate? Funny, I don't remember Meg Ryan playing a third rate, well known round heels, arriviste, clawing, mean spirited, social pariah with little talent except a knack for stifling her gag reflex and a taste for gristle but it is a rather old, irrelevant movie by now.

    Having been pretty much thoroughly discredited and thrown aside (deservedly so no doubt) in Washington I guess Quinn has taken her self delusion tour on the road.

  • Anonymous

    I checked the source and in typical Quinn style it appears she has inculcated herself into the story with no attribution. There are reasons Sally Quinn has no friends, reasons we can be sure Nora Ephron knew all to well.

  • Typical DC BS

    @Anonymous: LOL

  • anne

    ive actually heard that before but she seems really desperate to bring it up - get a life quinn