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The Needle: Wizards Unpopular

Alakazam: A consistently crummy record has left the Wizards with the worst fan relations in American pro sports. Not just basketball, not just Washington teams, but all pro sports. -4

Designated Tweeter: Can you imagine being the person Marion Barry dictates his tweets to? Barry—or his surrogate—has been tweeting like mad at the Democratic National Convention, with pro-statehood agitating like "Plantation mindset: don't get massa mad now, u know he don't like u." +1

Ladies' Night: What could be better than a "ladies style" sports bar? A "ladies style" sports bar operated by Bachelor and Bachelor Pad contestant Chris Bukowski, of course. But Bukowski isn't the only reality star involved in the mysterious bar—apparently, he's solicited investments from other contestants from the Bachelor franchise. +6

Prostitution Stings: Prostitutes in College Park, harried by police, have started operating out of hotels. But now the police are on to them, picking up 80 people in a recent raid-1

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