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AU Professor, Newspaper Fight Over Breasts

Are American University students so unbelievably hard up that even a breastfeeding professor will titillate them?

That's the unavoidable sense you get after reading AU anthropology professor Adrienne Pine's story about her dispute with the campus paper over whether to run a story about her breastfeeding in class.

Without childcare options on the first day of her class this year, Price took her sick baby to her lecture, breastfeeding her at one point. Soon after, Price received an email from a reporter working for AU's student paper, The Eagle, asking Price for comment for a story about her breastfeeding.

What follows are a series of somewhat mawkish but generally inoffensive college paper-style reporting tactics. Pine and Eagle staffers disputed whether a professor breastfeeding in class is worth an article, with Eagle editor-in-chief Zach Cohen writing in an email to Pine that the paper had a duty to resolve the story.

"Rumors about the incident are already spreading through the student body, and we owe them an explanation of what really happened," Cohen wrote. Given Pine's reluctance to become the Controversial Breastfeeding Professor, they agreed that she could be anonymous.

Cohen declined to comment to City Desk. So far, the paper hasn't run a story on breastfeeding—which, really, doesn't need that much explaining.

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  • Scotch

    Holy chip on a professor's shoulder, Batman!

  • name

    You don't need to pay $45k per year for half your professor's attention.

    Cancel the class and take your lumps with the administration or find a babysitter. It has nothing to do with "your rights" and everything to do with "your responsibilities".

  • anon

    I think Prof. Pine made the mistake of treating overly coddled modern college students as adults

  • 20011

    Always great how breeders expect the rest of the world to accommodate their personal decisions. This woman needs to take responsibility for her own actions, not punish those who have done the right thing.

  • TatW

    Check your anger/issues people.
    DC gives women the right to breastfeed ANYWHERE in public that they have a right to be. Maybe if she did it EVERY class, that might be an issue, but once, due to circumstances that were out of her control? Come on. I'm sure that most students appreciate having HAD the class they paid for, rather than having it be cancelled in the first place.

  • Ward 6 Resident

    So, what's the issue? Let's move on.

  • SEis4ME

    Women shouldn't breastfeed in public. I certainly don't want to see it.

  • maktoo

    She sounds like she wasn't prepared - frankly, I wouldn't want to do something private in front of 200 young ninnies either. She should have had a pre-pumped bottle handy, with a warmer on the side, and popped that into babe's mouth when she fussed. THAT would have been amusing but a non-event.

  • Typical DC BS

    Taking a dump or a piss is a natural act, too - would it be OK if she popped a squat in class so as not to interrupt her lecture? She can either take a break from class and feed the baby or in between classes. I think @maktoo hit the nail on the head - unprepared teacher.

  • Leroy

    I swear, some of you complaining about breast feeding are just pansies. So what if she breastfeeds? It's human nature, dumbasses! Anywho, if I see a woman breastfeeding, Im asking, "Can I have some of what he/she is having"!!!!!!

  • K Dub

    I find this woman incredibly hypocritical. She seems to have the mentality of someone barely older than her child, and comes across as a paranoid attention-seeker. She freaks out that a student journalist would ask her a few questions about an admittedly pedestrian act, but then self-publishes a piece on the internet decrying the invasiveness of a newspaper story which was never even printed, guaranteeing the widespread disemination of this story, and event which she purports to so completely fear and oppose. While I think breastfeeding while lecturing is classless and unprofessional, the real issue here is a mentally unbalanced professor with delusions of grandeur.

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