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We Love D.C. Expanding to Boston

D.C.'s homegrown media brands are creeping northward. Brightest Young Things is expanding to New York, and now, City Desk learns, current and former writers at We Love D.C. are launching the Boston-centric We Love Beantown next week.

We Love Beantown is the brainchild of ex-We Love D.C. writers and current Boston residents Dave Levy and Dan Rowinski. They approached We Love D.C. editor-in-chief Tom Bridge with the idea six months ago.

The Boston site is just a WordPress shell now, but it will launch Tuesday with new a design adapted from We Love D.C.'s. "Dave has this theory that the Tuesday after Labor Day in Boston is the equivalent of New Year's Day," Bridge says.

We Love D.C. is itself a spinoff, having broken away from the flagging D.C. Metblogs years ago. The We Love D.C. mothership will own a portion of We Love Beantown, but Bridge says the site will be operate separately from We Love D.C.

"We know what it's like to struggle with your quote-unquote corporate overlords," Bridge says.

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  • Peter_the_Gr8

    No one actually from Boston calls it that awful nickname. Who did the market research on the name, the same guys who thought a new Coke recipe was a good idea?

  • Michael Bluth

    Don't call it that.

  • Fredric Paul

    I called it that when I lived there, but I didn't always mean it in a nice way. And whenever I heard it called "The Hub" I could never stop chortling derisively.

    Now that I live in SF, tho, I bristle whenever I hear someone say "Frisco." I don't much like "San Fran" either. It's too easy, like creating a sports nickname by taking the first letter of the first name and the first syllable of the last name.

  • Typical DC BS

    Obviously this website will be a fantastic success, given that it uses a nickname most Boston residents despise.

  • poopstick

    beantown is the worst. almost as bad as when people say the thing about parking in harvard yard in a forced, terrible accent.

  • NatsFan

    I hate Boston.