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Uniontown Bar & Grill Shut Down After Not Paying Rent

Total, but not surprising, bummer: Uniontown Bar & Grill, the only place in Anacostia to get a cocktail and a burger and dance to a DJ's playlist and watch a football game, has closed. Reports the Washington Post's Mike DeBonis:

In April, the company owning the restaurant was sued in D.C. Superior Court for more than $18,000 in unpaid rent. After the company failed to adhere to a repayment plan and skipped a court date, an eviction writ was issued on July 11.

Last year, Uniontown owner Natasha Dasher was implicated for trafficking drugs from Texas to Prince George's County. Chris Shott reported on Dasher's legal troubles back in November for Young & Hungry:

Dasher, 36, was charged in two federal courts on Nov. 1 with separate counts of conspiracy and possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute. Acting on a tip from a confidential informant, agents with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency had tracked a tractor-trailer carrying some 65 kilograms of the white powdery substance in its fuel tank from Laredo, Texas, to Dasher’s office in Fort Washington, Md., according to court papers. Inside the suite on Livingston Road, authorities said, they also recovered duffel bags containing approximately $1.5 million.

It took a few weeks for the news of her arrest to make the papers. But once it broke, it upended the storybook narrative surrounding Dasher’s pioneering restaurant—and it seemed to put the rebirth of an entire community in jeopardy.

In Anacostia, the lack of a nice sit-down restaurant has been a complaint dating back years. The arrival of Uniontown, which opened in February, had been hailed as a symbol of the neighborhood’s resurgence.

Landlord Stan Voudrie of Four Points LLC told Shott that should Uniontown close, he'd most likely seek to fill the space with another restaurant; Voudrie reiterated that sentiment to the Post, but didn't offer any other details.

Photograph by Darrow Montgomery

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  • seeseehpounder


  • MC _in_SEDC

    Uniontown was a great place to grab a drink and some food after work. Hopefully they get another bar/grill in the location.

  • Ward-8

    Based on what happen to the owner, its sad however, there is a high probability she was in the drug trade prior and used her profit to purchase the Bar and Grill. For the life of me, these folks think they are so smart they can out smart Law Enforcement deal drugs and become a successful business men/women, The prison and grave yard are full of these people who end up with zero assets, all about thinking they were so slick.

  • name

    Tell the churches to sell all their commercial vacant property to small business entrepreneurs and you'll have restaurants in 6 months.

    The EotR churches, full of MD parishioners, are sitting on all the commercial property expecting to win the lottery.

    They don't pay the full freight of property taxes (or any taxes at all) so they can wait forever.

    The thing is, in the meantime, who suffers? Not people WotR. You support the same limp useless politicians, who are in turn, supported by the same limp useless churches, and you wonder why you get left with the manure.