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Topless UFO Enthusiasts Return to the White House Sunday

The shirtless men and women behind National GoTopless Day (NSFW) are protesting at Lafayette Square this Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m. They're agitating for a woman's right to go topless if she chooses, a right of which they'll be taking full advantage.

But take a look at this topless fellow's necklace from last year's protest—a swastika inside a Star of David. That's a symbol of the Raëlian Movement, a group European governments have called called a cult that you may remember from the time they claimed to have cloned a person in 2002. The Raëlians have been behind GoTopless Day since founder Raël began to identify with the plight of the topless, according to 25-year Raëlian and topless rights activist Donna Newman.

"Why is it illegal for me to take my top off in public, and not for men?" Newman says. Newman would like to see Barack Obama protect bare-chested rights, possibly through a constitutional amendment, and is promoting a petition to that effect.

I fell down an Internet hole about the Raëlians recently, and while I've learned a lot about Raël, his passion for race-car driving, and his desire to build embassies in anticipation of the eventual return of our intergalactic creators in their spaceships, I haven't been able to figure out what any of this has to do with breast rights, other than perhaps a thirst for publicity.

Newman denies this has anything to do with getting more attention for the Raëlians.  'This is as important as any other issue that is happening on this planet," she says.

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  • Donna Grabow

    I've been reading about the annual Gotopless Day rallies for 3 years now. Each year the movement is gaining momentum; but only with the Gotopless Day group, but also the FEMEN European group, the Topless Pulp Fiction Society, and Moira Johnston in NYC are just a few of the activists who are bringing awareness and understanding about why topless gender equality goes beyond a 'thirst for attention' as this blogger says. More than 30 cities in the world will be walking in Gotopless Day on Aug 26 (the same day on 1920 when women won the right to vote.)
    The video explains how puritanical education stifles humanity>

  • Liberty

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments Donna. Let us remember it is also Women's Equality Day and what we had to fight to achieve that basic right.

  • Michel Beluet

    Hey guys, grow up... you're no babies anymore... let breasts breath a little ... I'm sure your balls would like to breath too... but that's another ball game... unless some of you guys are ready to start BALLS LIBERATION DAY...

    ....les't de-sexualize the BREAST!

  • Lamdba

    I'm not sure the title's accurate. The raeliens might be behind this thing, but I doubt most of the people at the rallies know that.

  • Kat

    Dude from what I experienced at the rally, I never encountered anything addressing these concepts you are mentioning. This is an important issue of EQUAL RIGHTS not religious rights. I think you may be delusional.