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Uber Promo Deals Expanding Exponentially

Everybody wants a piece of cause célèbre cab service Uber. Fresh from  signing deals to carry passengers to the National Journal's convention parties and José Andrés’s restaurants for reduced fares, Uber has inked with another titan of its respective industry: the Petworth farmers market.

"We've been so impressed with [Uber], we've teamed up to provide the DC community with an automatic 50% off all rides to or from the market for the rest of the season!" reads an email from the farmers market.

That's a great deal if you're looking to score some sorrel, but these Uber partnerships are getting out of control. What's next—complimentary juice boxes on rides to DCPS schools? Half-off trips to your mom's house before major holidays?

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  • HilltopDC

    Why so much snark?

    Perhaps Mr. Sommer should take advantage of the discount to get to the market and get his veggies!

    God forbid Uber partner with various orgs to expand their customer base, and provide great deals while doing so.

    What was the point of this piece anyway, other than to plug Uber and the Market?

  • Duber Uber

    Ummm because Uber is on a marketing frenzy without true responsibility to the public? The regulatory bodies may need reform and held to a greater responsibility for enforcement of their own codes but all those taxicab regulations across the country didn't get there for no purpose. Uber is really doing nothing more than most cab companies do all over the country except they are not being regulated. One or two dead passengers due to non documented drivers and non inspected vehicles will certainly solve the Uber rah-rah eventually.

  • IMGoph

    you just wanted to get "titan" and "petworth" together in a story again, didn't you will? :)

  • Will Sommer

    You're on to my subliminal messages!