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Party Over for Mayor’s Son

Can't mayoral son and Housing Authority official Carlos Gray get his clubbing on in peace? Previously, the Washington Times reported that the younger Gray was moonlighting as a promoter for liquors like Ciroc and Don Julio, as well as hanging out with an unsavory character at Stadium Club on Queens Chapel Road NE.

Now the Times, which is quickly establishing itself as Washington's premiere source for Carlos Gray news, has a sad update: Gray is no longer a liquor "brand specialist."

There's some dispute over how Gray lost his nocturnal gig. The Housing Authority tells the Times that the liquor campaign ended, but Gray also left the job just two days after the first Times article.

Now that he has more free time, Carlos Gray might consider getting less prudish friends:

A friend of Carlos Gray, who declined to be identified by name, said he and others had spoken with the mayor’s son about the “public perception” of working for an agency that manages housing projects while also promoting alcoholic beverages and being photographed on his second job with Brazilian supermodels, NFL stars, celebrity rappers, disc jockeys and other partygoers.

Now where am I going to get my coconut-flavored Ciroc?

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • EP Sato

    It's a bit sad that the son of the mayor didn't think being a booze spokesman's a bad idea. Regardless of his work with the Housing Authority, he's a public figure.

    That said, isn't it against the law (Hatch Act, which governs federal employees but I believe also applies to DC gov't folks) for government employees to endorse any products?

  • Will Sommer

    @ EP Sato

    If true about endorsements, that's bad news for Messrs Mendelson, Graham, and Tommy Bahama.

  • Ward5Dude

    I can't believe you guys are surprised. Let's look a the children of other DC pols. hmmmmm....Harry Thomas' father was a councilmember. Vincent Orange's son got busted recently taking unemployment benefits he wasn't entitled to. It is like a preacher's kid....

  • Sally

    Dig a bit deeper and look into Junior's developer buddies. Gray's daughter clearly got the brains in that next generation.

  • Iknow

    When a man doesn't have a good woman to hold him down he runs wild. I know los and he had a good woman who held him down for years an she helped him get back on track. Los a good dude but when he left alone a man will run wild. She was a mom and fine as all hell!!! 2 bad he didnt keep her she grounded him. wish him luck.