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Cool Republican Fist Pumps After Opposing D.C. Statehood

Hey, it's Indiana's James Bopp, right after he convinced the GOP platform committee in Tampa to oppose D.C. statehood. What a neat guy, and definitely a serious thinker on statehood.

Wonkette compared Bopp's fist pump to a jock on Glee, but from my personal experience, I can tell that Bopp's subdued but still exultant move is pure high school debate tournament.

GIF by Ryan J. Reilly.

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  • Trish

    He's a republican that knows another state in the country would be another move toward removing this scum from power altogether and for good. Of course his juvenile actions only further prove that people like him should not be in power. Let's act like adults for once. Wait, I'm talking about republicans, who am I kidding?

  • yup

    Just gave over 1/2 a million Americans still more Taxation without Representation -- ***SCORE***!!!

  • GJ

    DC should be a state. It would be another liberal shit hole for a lib like you Trish. Hey wait, at least you wont have to pay for your own birth control. Give me a break.

  • Pepin

    For reference, Mr. Bopp is the right's leading lawyer on campaign finance limits and electoral strategy and was the force behind Citizens United.

  • 20011

    "liberal shit hole"

    Like Florida?

  • DC

    He also looks like he's farting, over and over again.