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The Needle: Pot Process Slow

No Speed for Weed: None of the 10 Washington businesses that have been approved to grow and sell medicinal marijuana in the District have the necessary regulatory documents from the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs. -4

Vintage Victory: DCRA's push to require secondhand book, clothing, and record shops to obtain more expensive licenses is likely over, as the agency plans to approve less burdensome regulations at the end of September. +2

District of Charity: Washington has the eighth-most charitable metro area in the country, according to a recent study. The District does even better when not grouped with Maryland and Virginia, coming in at the second-most charitable. +2

Council on Strasburg Shutdown: The city's political leadership is divided on the Nationals' decision to pull pitcher Stephen Strasburg ahead of a possible playoff run protect his arm. Vince Gray is in favor of the Strasburg Shutdown; Vincent Orange is, too, but more reservedly. Meanwhile, Jack Evans says the Nats are going to need Strasburg in the playoffs. +1

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  • The Java Master

    It shouldn't surprise anyone that promoters and investors in medicinal mary jane are now going slow, given the feds assertive and oppositional stance and general opposition in the neighborhoods to the locating of these facilities in anything resembling a desirable spot. Now that Los Angeles is attempting to pull the plug on its numerous dispensaries, citing widespread abuses within the system, D.C. should take aniother long, hard look at the consequences of going forward with medicinal mearujuana.