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Marylander Eager to Greet, Socialize With Trump Overlords

I'm trying not to jump the gun on Donald Trump Watch, since his Old Post Office construction isn't even starting until 2014, but as  demonstrated by this letter to the editor in the Post from one Catherine Tibodeau of Olney, Md., Trumpmania cannot be stopped:

The best part of the deal would be the hope and prayer that it will bring his daughter, Ivanka, to this city. Washington needs a hostess with the intelligence, grace, charm and beauty of Ms. Trump. We have become dull socially.

"We have become dull socially!" In Ivanka's absence, can Ms. Thibodeau assume a social regency? If she can keep the understated putdowns coming, she'll have the dinner-party set in her grip in a couple of days.

Photo by Shutterstock. Via Mike DeBonis.

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  1. #1

    Well, at least we have Katherine Bradley. Crazy ho madame Sally Quinn pretty much sullied the vaunted status of the Georgetown hostess in her bid to claw her way to the middle, making the ability to stifle one's gag reflex an excuse for a social skill in the process.

    Can it then come as a surprise that a former Elaine's bar girl with the prowess of an Electrolux could have the gall to aspire to doyenne status on the arm of her sugar great grand daddy. Unfortunately, her overreaching was marked as rich and she paid the price of so many parvenu before her.

    Ms Trump seems to have far more substance then her parents and she married a decent guy (and amazingly for DC, age appropriate)so I say let her rip. Anything or anyone that gets sane people talking to each other again in this town deserves a shot.

  2. Sandra Day Bro'Connor

    Ivanka's already been here, she attended Georgetown around the turn of the century.

  3. #3

    Yup, Ivanka sure is brainy. Being made a corporate titan because of who your daddy is sure makes you smart. Just like her vast experience in socializing makes her a real estate tycoon, doesn't it?

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