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The Needle: Strasburg Shutdown

Heat on Airport Heat: Washington's official weather records are taken at Reagan Airport, but a retired climatologist says Reagan experiences higher temperatures and lower snowfalls than much of the surrounding area. Moving the readings somewhere else, however, would mean a break with historical records.  -1

Pitcher or Belly-Itcher?: The Nationals' decision to limit pitcher Stephen Strasburg's innings this season to prevent injury is unpopular nationally, but Washingtonians don't mind. +1

Disapproval for Disapproval Resolution: Marion Barry's up to his old tricks again, filing another disapproval resolution that could hold up a city contract for 45 days. The target this time: the installation of GPS and credit-card machines in District cabs. -3

Blackout Punch-out: Mayor Vince Gray will establish a committee to determine whether the city should bury more power lines in an attempt to avoid widespread, derecho-like blackouts. +1

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    I have complained for a long time that Washington, DC's official weather gauges should be located, you know, IN Washington, DC. Given the last sentence of this news snippet - break with historical records - maybe the answer should be not to MOVE the gauge/measuring devices, but to add one inside Washington, DC.