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To Keep Site Going, Homicide Watch Launches Kickstarter

A day after Laura and Chris Amico, the couple behind Homicide Watch, announced that the site would go on hiatus while they work on a Nieman Fellowship at Harvard, the Amicos have launched a $40,000 Kickstarter campaign to keep coverage going.

The Kickstarter money would go into setting up five student reporters to run the site. As I'm writing this, the project has $5,625 donations, putting the Amicos more than one-eighth of the way to their $40,000 goal.

The students would be lead from Massachusetts by the couple, according to Laura Amico, who writes in an email that they could also partner with a news outlet or university.

The donor prizes are a little lacking here: For $500, you get to have lunch with Laura Amico at Harvard, while a whopping $5,000 will get a guest lecture or class from Homicide Watch. But isn't completist coverage of D.C. homicides its own reward?

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  • shipsa01

    $40,000 is nothing in return to the yeoman's and saintly work Laura Amico and her husband provide to our city. They represent the best of what new journalism can and should be.

    Open your pockets and support this cause!

  • Sane Person

    Does anyone really look at Homicide Watch? I'm sure Laura Amico is a fine person. But that website is nothing more than a collection of press releases from the police and prosecutors, and links to local media coverage of cases. Occasionally, Ms. Amico ventures over to the courthouse to cover a hearing. But never are there any interviews with family or witnesses, any reporting in the neighborhoods, any context for anything. It's just the most basic facts of a case, already available on the police or US attorney's website.
    I'm not sure how this qualifies her for sainthood, or how this site advances our knowledge of what's going on in the city. She's just republishing what's already out there.