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Titan of Trinidad: So Serious Now

When the mysterious blogger behind Titan of Trinidad launched his site in June, he was clearly parodying arch-neighborhood blogger Prince of Petworth. But he appeared to have another, less obvious target in mind as well: the quirks of the entire neighborhood-blog genre.

Two months later, Titan of Trinidad looks a lot like one of those neighborhood blogs. The satire remains—take this story about a missing plant, or his discovery of an ancient jail for gentrifiers. But, starting with a serious post about a fire at Webb Elementary in July, the allure of neighborhood blogging has proved irresistible. Last week, he even ran the kind of story that is a rite of passage for any neighborhood blogger, taking a picture of a sign and speculating about its meaning.

I asked Titan of Trinidad whether he really has succumbed to the pleasures of neighborhood blogging. "Yep," he wrote back. "Sorta like [Prince of Petworth], only my idiotic postings are intentionally idiotic."

That famed Titan of Trinidad wit! For his part, Prince of Petworth Dan Silverman declined to respond to a request for comment.

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  • That_Trinidad_Count

    Long Live The Titan!

  • Dave

    I used to be a regular reader of Dan Silverman’s blog, but the “idiotic postings" became more frequent; he doesn’t take criticism well and deletes comments that are negative of his work; he disses certain DC neighborhoods including the one I live in; fewer posts are his original work and more are cut-and-pastes of reader emails or photos taken from a Flickr pool; the t-shirts around the globe feature should have been retired long ago and now conveys a sense of arrogance; etc.

  • jaybeas

    Dan Silverman could have just laughed off the parody, taken it as flattery/acknowledgment of his influence, or ANYTHING to show he had a sense of humor. Instead, he's basically acting like it doesn't exist and comes across as prickly/humorless about the whole subject.

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  • anon

    Silverman has become the product of the idiot PoP posters who worship him, 90 percent of whom are know-nothing Chicken Littles who think living in DC for 30 seconds makes them experts on the place.

    The Good Deal or Not comments are especially hilarious, particularly those that deal with properties on Capitol Hill, of which neither Silverman or his commenters know nothing about. Seriously, check out the next GDON about a Capitol Hill property. Most comments will say something like this: "Hell no, at least $100K overpriced, Capitol Hill is a crime-ridden hellhole durrrrrr." Meanwhile, the house goes under contract for $30k above asking in like 30 seconds.

    Both Silverman and his commenters have some serious Capitol Hill/H Street envy issues, likely because they live in Petworth, which will forever be playing catch-up to just about every other neighborhood in DC.

  • JM

    Well.. we can choose to disagree about Petworth (I like it over here just fine), but I think we're all in agreement that Dan Silverman has worn out his welcome.

  • PissedAsHe77

    POP and his crew are overrated. They hate Cap Hill, Hst, Kingman Park Trinidad and Rosedale Communities. All of these areas rock!


    I've never heard of this guy's blog until now. I must start reading it because the Prince of Petworth seem to discriminate against some by letting white yuppies make racist statements and he delete many comments made by others. I don't like POP and I no longer read his blog.