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Photos: Camera Seizure

7th and H Street, NW.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

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    Did this occur after the Chief gave a specific general order saying that citizens have a right to film/photo cops??

  2. lesserlesserwashington

    Ummm, pretty open and shut case of First Amendment violations. Another $2 million gone from the judgment fund in a settlement where DC Police don't concede they violated the policy.

  3. #3

    Hey Matt please give us the background on this incident.

  4. #4

    Someone complained to the MPD about an alleged threat made by one of the ISUPK speakers. The cop pictured said he was taking the video camera for evidence. See General Order by Chief Cathy Lanier, dated 7/23/2012.

  5. Fthose"Israelites"

    About time MPD did something about those god-damned bigots and their dungeons and dragons racist game.

  6. #6

    That whole scene deserves a longer explanation in City Desk. I want to know what that whole situation was about. That leather outfit on the dude was impressive, especially with how hot and humid it was that morning.

  7. #7

    Was he arrested? If there was a threat and a seizure with no arrest doesn't that make the cop a criminal?

  8. #8

    Background please, this isn't helpful

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