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Alleged Charlie Sheen Escort Whistleblower Out for Tigerblood

Remember the early months of 2011, when Charlie Sheen lost his mind and job and decided he was a target of Vatican assassins? Remember #winning?

Metropolitan Police Department Captain Hilton Burton does. Burton, who gained notoriety last year after blaming MPD brass for organizing an escort for Sheen, was demoted from commander to captain last August. Now he's filed a civil whistleblower lawsuit saying he was punished for complaining about the department's celebrity-escort policy.

Burton is no stranger to MPD personnel lawsuits. Last year, he filed a case alleging Chief Cathy Lanier was purging the department of its top black cops.

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  • thatshitcray

    Seems like a peach based on the articles and commments.


    Captain Hilton Burton wasn't popular at the Fourth District with residents/staff during his tenure as Commander. I wish this man would disappear and let it go.

  • “Bring That Ball, Meat!”

    "Burton wasn't popular..." WTF?
    I want officers in a command position to be in charge of their subordinates, and to make sure that the job is getting done. What does "popularity" have to do with it? This is just more claptrap from "activists" with no first hand knowledge or experience with policing.

  • Le69

    WARD4NDC, how do you know this? Sounds like you're an insider...?

  • GJ

    Regardless if Captain Burton was like does not matter in this case. He was demoted because he spoke out and that's illegal. Where is the outrage at a system where blatant acts of retaliation are accepted. There is a climate of fear on MPD which decissions are made on what is safest for the person making the decission and not what best for the public. In about 3 years you people are gonna ask WTF happened

  • DC Antics

    Perhaps Lanier's cohabitation with a subordinate should be looked into. Maybe the alleged 911 call to her Ft. Lincoln townhouse when her boyfriend and an alleged "close friend," allegedly another MPD sergeant, showed up to see her at the same time should be a matter of interest. "Cat," as her alleged close friends refer to her, should be investigated for her hiring and firing patterns. MPD has an unprecedented number of personnel complaints, OEA filings and court cases. All of the officers can't be lying so "Cat" can't always be truthful.


    I am a D.C. resident, voter, and taxpayer. As I stated earlier, Commander Hilton Burton wasn't too popular with many Ward 4 residents. In my opinion, the man was lacking social skills. It's alleged, many former and current 4D police officers didn't like him because he was cold and lacking social skills. Didn't he already lose in D.C.'s highest court with these charges? What about the ABC7 News 2006 report, Burton alleged to have sent questionable photos of him to a married woman and sexual text messages? According to the ABC7 News 2006 report, it's alleged this former 4D Commander had sex in his unmarked cruiser with a woman in Anacostia Park. What happen to these allegations about Captain Burton from 2006?


    Correction: I beleive the ABC7 News report was in 2008, not 2006.

    Quote from Washington Post August 9, 2011 article

    Burton and Lanier, both 21-year veterans of the department, have had an up-and-down professional relationship. In 2008, when Burton was commander of the 4th Police District, Lanier demoted him after he had been accused of sending sexual messages from his department e-mail account and cellphone to a woman. Lanier eventually restored his rank and moved him to Special Operations.

  • Longtimefriend

    Not that it matters in this case, but the alleged married woman was separated from her husband for a few years, at the time, and it was her estranged  husband who found out about the "relationship" and called in the complaint, the reason he only got a slap on the wrist was because all contact with said woman was done from his personnel email account and his personnel cell phone, every time this particular incident is told, it gets more and more disstorted, check the facts people, before you try to destroy someone, the only person he has to answer to for this incident, is his wife.....

  • jack the pu$$y ripper

    Burton will WIN!

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