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Gun Billboard Will Urge D.C. Residents to Take Their First Shots

If you're concerned that handguns still aren't catching on in post-Heller D.C.—last weekend's three gunshot fatalities notwithstanding—good news: A 1,000 square foot billboard promoting gun use was approved for Massachusetts Avenue NW last week.

The billboard will read "Hey D.C, it's time for your first shot," according to the Washington Business Journal. The National Shooting Sports Foundation, a Connecticut-based pro-gun group, is promoting First Shots, a gun-training program for new gun owners.

First Shots seminars will be held at gun ranges in the D.C. metro area from August 24 to 28, although none of the ranges is in the District.

This "first shots" thing is apparently very big with the foundation, which did not respond to a request for comment. In a release promoting First Shots events to gun-range owners, "to share in the joy of watching people take their first shots" is listed as the second-best reason to host First Shots.

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  • @SamuelMoore

    Any of those gunshot fatalities stem from legally obtained weapons? I'm guessing no.

  • rick

    What a great idea! Hope the local politicians don't use this event to get attention.

  • Typical DC BS


  • Dave

    Damn...I LOVE guns. Too bad I don't live in DC - I'd be all over this!!!

  • Dan

    Promoting responsible firearm ownership and safe handling skills is always a great idea!

  • Dave

    Gee DC residents exercising their 2nd amendment rights....imagine that. Of course hizzoner the soon-to-be ex-mayor says that is 'irresponsible'. So is political corruption....