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The Media Drugs of Washington

Following Townhall Magazine's expose on "The Huffington Post: The Left's Cocaine," Metropolitan Police Department officers have started picking up media pushers across Washington. Still, some illicit highs persist on the streets, including:

  • Washingtonian: McLean's Fourth Glass of Wine on a Weeknight
  • WTOP: The Commuter's Pot
  • WNEW: The Commuter's Spice
  • The Northwest Current: The NIMBY's Bath Salts
  • WUSA 9: The Paranoiac's Vodka Eyeballing
  • WAMU: The Foxhall Resident's Drank
  • Prince of Petworth: The Recent Arrival's Hammer to the Temple
  • Express: The Young Professional's Whippets
  • Washington Examiner: The Young Professional's Conservative Whippets

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