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Sally Quinn Wants to Turn Chick-fil-A Into a Gay Hangout

Sally Quinn, at it again! The Washington Post religion columnist and hostess extraordinaire has a scheme for gay-rights supporters feeling grouchy about Mike Huckabee's National Chick-fil-A Day, organized in support of the Christian-values-oriented fast-food chain.

Instead of protesting Chick-fil-A, gay people should take low-paying jobs at the company, buy its sandwiches, and infiltrate:

Gays and lesbians could start applying for jobs at Chick-fil-A. Get in there. Become managers, take over the places.  Gays could begin patronizing Chick-fil-As and I don’t mean carry out. Make the restaurants the gay hangouts of the community.  Gay partners and Married gays could begin taking their children there. They could start having birthday parties for their kids. They could have Gay pride events there. (They have an events manager – just call)  They could even have gay weddings there.

Of course! The married gays will hang out at the gay Chick-fil-A along with the (gay?) events manager. Quinn anticipates the objection that people who support gay marriage might not want to patronize Chick-fil-A. "The more business they have the more money they can continue to contribute to anti Gay marriage causes," she writes.

But then that's it! Quinn ends the piece with Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy saying he doesn't like gay marriage. She doesn't explain how rearranging your entire life around Chick-fil-A will do anything.

Conservatives are unnerved by Quinn's call for infiltration because it confirms all that they suspected of gay people and their Georgetown-salon fellow travelers. But they should relax, because her plan does not make any sense.

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  • Typical DC BS

    Will, glad you mentioned that the plan didn't make any sense at the end. Was scratching my head up till that point. Sally Quinn has had some lamebrained ideas these past few years, but this one is really bad.

  • 20011

    Or they can just blow the managing editor like Quinn did.

  • Will Sommer

    @Typical DC BS

    I thought she was going to end it with something like, "And then Chick-fil-A will have their hearts melted by their gay fans," but she didn't.

  • Anneblishment

    Ridiculous. Is this what the white establishment did when the blacks started protesting in the 60s?

  • RAD

    What a wonderful idea she has....I really love it!
    I'll be contacting a LOT of people to do what she
    advocates! Right on Sally!

  • Tom M.

    Third wives never get the credit they deserve... True story - Sen Strom Thurmond once simultaneously patted the rumps of Sally Q and her mother at a reception. They thought it was "funny" of "wicked old Strom."

  • Wrack

    Sally Quinn is the DUMBEST PERSON EVER

  • Rolene Dinsdale

    May God have mercy on your soul, Sally Quinn.

  • Rolene Dinsdale

    I won't moderate. There are consequences for stupid behavior.

  • Gay Community

    Note to old ho's, we don't want you either.
    The Gay Community

  • Bethesdaist

    Based on that picture, Sally's been spending a lot of time at her dermatologist's office. Holy overfilled Juvederm injections, Batman! Her cheeks are huge and her brows have the "dead calm" flatness of waaaay too much Botox.

    Perhaps she is trying to resemble gay icon, Madam.

  • Alan

    Want to know why our great nation is so divided well it's because of this so called journalist and the rest that are like her.She has her right of freedom of speech so I have the same.You miss Quinn are a moron,hate mongrel and I mean bi***.You are a has been seeking out your fifteen minutes,well you succeeded but the jokes on you.Go away maggot.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Three cheers for Chick-fil-A. Hip-hip-hooray. Hip-hip-hooray. Hip-hip-hooray. These perverts can be as queer as they like but they can never produce their own children. They can never be a real family. Lets hope this is the beginning of their own demise.

  • http://gmail lisamagnooty

    what else would one expect from a vapid, clueless, bigot like Quinn, and her ilk (and most of he rest of the bigot crowd) at the WP?

  • John G

    Sally Quinn is a bully! She's the type of person that causes people to commit suicide. You don't conform to my beliefs, then I will push you around until you do. I bet she teased the special Ed students in school.

  • Nancy

    Dear Sally Quinn:
    Sorry you are so confused. There are gay and lesbian Chick-fil-a employees and managers already. They do not have to "Get in there." They do their jobs well and are treated with respect, just like every Chick-fil-a employee and customer.

  • Bill

    Sally Quinn

    It's about the Freedom of Speach and Religious Freedoms.
    If one man or woman expresses their religious views and it does not conform to yours, you attack his or her business that enjoys anyone who wishes to work. It's outrageous for you to make these statements of how to destroy his business in the public venue.