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A Gore Vidal Statue for Dupont Circle?

The late writer and gadfly Gore Vidal once demanded that statues of him and sex researcher Alfred Kinsey be erected in Dupont Circle, in honor their fight against the sexual squares. He told the Paris Review:

Finally, I am proud to say that I am most disliked because for twenty-six years I have been in open rebellion against the heterosexual dictatorship in the United States. Fortunately, I have lived long enough to see the dictatorship start to collapse. I now hope to live long enough to see a sexual democracy in America. I deserve at least a statue in Dupont Circle—along with Dr. Kinsey.

Amid all these Vidal remembrances, the time is ripe to plant him in the park. But where to put the statue? Ousting Samuel Francis Du Pont from his own circle seems dicey, but shunt Vidal and Kinsey to the side and they're stuck by those perpetually overflowing trash cans.

National Park Service spokesman David Barna didn't respond to a question about adding a statue to the park, but how hard could it be to replace a Civil War rear admiral with the man who wrote Caligula?

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  • RT

    Let's make it happen! At least one of those side parks surrounding the circle.

  • Typical DC BS

    Putting small statues of them in the hedges around the edges of the park would be a hoot. Some could be peeking out of the hedges, others in the open with mischevious grins. Some bent over, some on their knees. Kind of like gay garden gnomes.

  • Chris

    Gore Vidal was an unrepentant antisemite who befriended people like Timothy McVeigh. To honor him would send the signal that support of antisemitism and terror is acceptable, so long as you also support yourself. It would be abhorrent.