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The Needle: Forget It, Vince, It’s Chinatown

Baseball Batman: I'm not much of a baseball guy, so when I go to Nationals Stadium, it's for the stuff that has nothing to do with America's Pastime—beer and the presidents' race. Lately, though, the race has seemed uninspired—just a straight-up footrace, without even a preplanned pratfall to knock Teddy out of the running. Now, finally, the race is in top-form again, with Teddy "Bane" Roosevelt vs. Abraham "Batman" Lincoln. Rush must be fuming+4

Chinatown Letdown: Mayor Vince Gray signed the $32.5 million LivingSocial tax break today at the social-couponing business' Chinatown headquarters, then thanked the company's hip staffers for living in the city. Because if there's one thing that's a burden to young tech types, it's city life! -2

Commuter Tax Hope: District subcommittee chairman Rep. Darrell Issa dangled the possibility of a hearing on a possible commuter tax in front of the District today. The hearing will probably never happen—or will merely  be used to smack down the idea once again—but it's nice that someone in Congress is thinking about how D.C. can recoup all the tax revenue it loses to Maryland and Virginia. +1

Marry Me: Artist Kathryn Cornelius plans to marry and divorce several people in rapid succession at the Corcoran next month, and she needs a few more suitors. All genders and ages welcome. And speaking of the Corcoran and its moving plans, at least one City Paper writer would prefer the ceremonies take place on a tax-dodging riverboat.  +1

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  • 20011

    What is Nationals Stadium?

  • http://AOL Babe Truth

    Nationals Stadium is where the Nationals play baseball. I love the Nationals -- especially this year. But the citizens of the District of Columbia invested $800 million -- including infrastructure costs -- to construct it. We deserve to call it a stadium. "Ballpark" is a canard deployed to deflect our attention from the facts at hand.

    And, by the way, when they finally do get someone to purchase the naming for that building, guess who gets to keep the money? (Hint: It ain't us).

  • Chris

    Quit whining about the commuter tax. D.C. residents who work in Virginia don't pay Virginia income taxes. Besides, we all know the money would just to up the D.C. council members' noses.