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No Charges for Bold Metro-Crosser

Who hasn't taken the wrong escalator at Metro Center or Chinatown, ended up across from where you wanted to be, and wanted to just walk over the tracks to the other side? It'd be so easy—except, you know, for the electrified tracks and the oncoming trains.

The dangers didn't stop one woman from making that dream a reality last night and living to tell about it. Around 9:30 p.m., the woman tried to cross from the Shady Grove Red Line platform to the Glenmont side by walking straight across. She made it past the first sets of tracks but stopped in the median when other passengers started screaming, according to Metro spokesman Dan Stessel.

Metro employees cut power to the tracks and rescued the woman, which took about five minutes. Metro police took her into custody, but no charges were filed.

The woman was motivated not by bath salts or frustration with Metro, but because she didn't know any better, according to Stessel. A native of France, the woman has been in the U.S. for just a week.

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  • Tom M.

    "I am from France." Did she consume mass quantities of pest strips and have a cone shape head? Where have we heard this line before?


    Lock her up. FREDTERP

  • @SamuelMoore

    Totally METRO's fault, there should be giant signs everywhere that say No Crossing... or something.

  • Milton Noones

    she's probably done this in France

  • Elena

    This is an urgent call to METRO officials, aren't we in the nations capital? well, also major turistic destination? there is a need for engaging in the global stage TIME TO PUT SIGNS IN OTHER MAJOR LANGUAGES!!!! yes, in Europe you can cross train tracks so if you do not know and there is NO sign anywhere that tells you that you can't the logical thing is to try it. METRO fault not hers.

  • yup

    I've ridden the subway all over Europe and never once seen anyone walk across indoor tracks. How did she think she'd get back up on the other side? Sorry, Metro couldn't have predicted this moron could possibly this moronic.

  • Nikki

    @ yup - I've seen people do it in multiple cities, some stations even have spots where the platform is lower to make it easier to cross. I've done it myself in Paris and Barcelona.

  • Political Observer

    She clammered down the platform and would have to hoist herself up on the other side. Her actions are nonsensical!
    Europe is supposed to be so advanced in its teaching. The woman doesn't know another language? The woman doesn't have critical thinking skills? The woman doesn't know what an escalator is? I can't believe there is no penalty for this.

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