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Courtland Milloy: You’re Still Myopic Little Twits

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the cupcake ATM, Post columnist Courtland Milloy's back on the warpath. Once again, he's mad at the District's amenity-loving, Fenty-cheering yuppies—in other words, the "myopic little twits" he named in a 2010 post-election column.

The twits are enjoying Vince Gray's misfortunes, and Milloy isn't happy about it. He criticizes the Gray campaign for some amateur political moves—mainly allowing Sulaimon Brown to happen—but seems angrier that they proved Adrian Fenty supporters right rather than that they committed federal crimes.

Milloy saves most of his ire for the twits, who continue to enjoy their dog parks even while the poor suffer just as much under Gray as they did under Fenty. Milloy even acknowledges that the Gray administration has continued many of Fenty's policies. That would seem to negate his point from 2010—if the poor were going to get screwed anyway, and the only policy difference between Gray and Fenty is Kaya Henderson or Michelle Rhee, who cares who's on top in the Wilson Building?

But you don't come to Milloy for the politics—you come for the class and race signifiers! In this, he disappoints: The column reads like a time capsule from two years ago, with references to livetweeting snowball fights and imported beers. Little does Courtland know that the MLTs are into faux speakeasies now, and there hasn't been enough snow for a flashmob snowball fight in years.

Milloy also writes that Rhee had a "tiger mom" teaching style, which, in addition to being more evidence that Milloy's pop-culture knowledge stopped growing in late 2010, comes off as pretty racist. Milloy could be referring to one interview Rhee did with Marketplace where she talked positively about Amy Chua's tiger mom book, but how likely is that?

Still, it's hard not to enjoy his portrayal of himself as a man eternally hounded by the city's young and frivolous, whom he calls "my nemeses":

Well look who’s back: the Fenty brigade, led by true believers of former D.C. mayor Adrian Fenty. Among them are my nemeses — whom I have referred to before as myopic twits because of their inability to see that dog parks, bike paths and cupcake parlors do not make a “world-class city.”

And still they come to gloat.

That's the kind of undiluted Notes from the Underground-style disgust that you won't get from any other Post columnist. But then, Milloy's always been a complex guy. Read Rend Smith's profile of him here.

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  • Don

    Why do any of you keep giving this fool your attention? You think he cares whether you love or loathe him? He gets to keep his spot on the trainwreck that is the WaPo editorial page only so long as he gets eyeballs; they don't care whether they're squinting in anger or not.

    If he never gets put out to pasture where will discredited presidential speechwriters go to ply their post-government trade?

  • Gold Coast Kid

    agreed. Courtland Milloy is the biggest racist in DC.

  • drez

    Little does Courtland know that the MLTs are into faux speakeasies now, ...
    Funny, whenever I see MLT I see Mahdi Leroy Thorpe.
    In that context, the above sentence is amusing enough to make the rest of the article worth reading.

  • Mike Madden


    Milloy writes as a Metro columnist, not on the editorial page.

  • Jim Ed

    My favorite part of the whole article is that he admits that all the people he railed against in the original column were right, but instead of apologizing or reflecting on this, he doubles down on the thinly veiled racism and takes a totally unnecessary shot at asian people as well.

    I love that DC has another angry, racist, and irrelevant columnist that lives in the suburbs still churns out angry screeds from time to time. I wonder if him and Pat Buchanan ever meet for lunch dates to discuss the good ole days?

  • creativemeat

    Jesus, stop with the racist name-calling. Just because someone teases about race doesn't make them racists.

    On the other hand, he's certainly race-baiting which is no better than any of the comments I see in a Post report about a crime in DC.

  • jimbo

    Why doesn't the fat load just stick to PG county where he lives. Don't live in DC, then STFU. The PGs shouldn't be casting aspersions on the District given their past especially Jack Johnson et al.

  • capitol hill

    What a miserable man. He will really freak out when the next mayor elected is a white man.

  • SEis4ME

    Well isn't Will Sommer the pot calling the kettle something that hold water.

    He chides Milloy for race-baiting while at the same time employing the use of his own race-baiting tactics. He uses Milloy's "Tiger Mom" quote as an example of Milloy's race baiting. When one scratches their head and wonder "how so," race-monger in chief Will Sommer says, "he could be talking about Amy Chua, but he's likely not." And BAM, there's Race-monger Sommer's example of Milloy playing the race card.

    I would imagine that Will Sommer is the exact sort of race-mongering fool that the world should continue to detest and scorn. Anything to keep the race/class mill churning. #teamWilltheracist

  • Typical DC BS

    I hate to say this about Mr. Milloy, as some of his columns have really caused me to try to reflect on his views (and "walk a mile in his shoes", as it were), but I keep thinking he's still mired in the 60's and 70's and refuses to acknowledge any progress whatsoever.

    He also refuses to acknowledge that some healthy and mentally fit people of all races who should NOT be helped by giving them free housing / food / transportation, etc. for years or even generations because they are too ignorant or lazy to get what they need on their own, as they become reliant on the government for what every one else has to work hard for.

  • Don

    @Mike whoops, clearly I have been TOO successful in ignoring Milloy :)

  • KeepInItReal

    Courtland speaks from the perspective of many in his generation. The man hates Tyler Perry for creating the Madea character. He hasn't much of a sense of humor. To a point, he is correct, the District has been overrun with myopic twits, however, ALL the newcomers don't carry this perspective. Fenty bred them with his divisive style of governance creating a racial, socio-economic gulf in this city thit exist to this day.

    Perhaps someone will encourage Tony Williams to run again to fix the damage.

  • Mary-Austin

    SEis4ME- Putting a # in front of a phrase doesn't do anything on here. This isn't twitter you little twit!

  • Blake

    Lost in Milloy's defense of the indefensible is the only good issue he raises: the growing economic inequality in the District and rising employment among black residents. But even he concedes that Gray is doing nothing to alleviate either. So what is the point of this column except to succor a sketchy public official rightly enduring an investigation into his campaign activities? Oh yes, castigating a certain class of Washingtonians for wanting amenities and, apparently, governmental accountability.

    Keep fighting the good fight, Milloy.

  • Cat Like

    Agree with Milloy!

    Countinue to not understand that a vote for Gray was more anti-Fenty and everything he stood for.

    The fall of Gray does not mean we are ready to try Fenty again. Fenty lost the love me and all the others by telling to many people take it or leave it.

    There will be another choice. The celebration of the Fenty people just proves they don't get it. Fenty could have fended off ANY contender had he had a some contigenct of people in his office answering the needs of citizens and following up. HE did not so he was vulnerable to ANY challenger. Big Foot in a Dress might have garnered a few votes over Fenty.

    Someone in a corner of a city with the thought of Fenty coming back there are former Fenty supporters trying to find a candidate X to run just in case---the thought of having Fenty back (and his band of myopic little twits) is so repugnant.

  • TM

    Milloy was referencing Amy Chua and Will doesn't doubt that. What he was saying is that upon first reading Milloy's article it seems that the only thing Rhee and Chua have in common is they're both Asian women. That would be a pretty racist (and sexist) association to make. What Will then does is explore whether there is some more substantive connection between Rhee and Chua that would make the comment less racist or sexist. He can only come up with a radio interview where Rhee praises Chua. That's it. The whole point of Will mentioning the obscure reference is to show that there is no substantive connection between Chua and Rhee and that Milloy was totally racist for associating the two.

    Got it?


  • BlackWorkingClass

    Will Sommer is another white myopic little twit who doesn't get the true point of Milloy's article. There is a glaring inequality in this city and these myopic little twits could careless about poor people suffering in this city.

    How can anyone defend the fact that there are billions of dollars invested in Ward 8 while it has the highest unemployment rate in the city. Sommer, what is your answer to a whole population of people in Ward 8 being shut out economic development in their own communities? I know the answer your, "IDGAD!"

  • Mary-Austin


    Why should people care about Ward 8 when billions of dollars are wasted there with little or no results?

    When are folks in Ward 8 going to get off their asses with their hands out? Why not start a business there instead of criticizing the Asian business people who risk their lives there to make an honest living?

    Maybe they could start by electing a serious council member. What exactly has Marion Barry done to improve anyone's situation?

  • BlackWorkingClass

    @Mary-Austin: Your an idiot! This money is not given to residents of Ward 8 it is going to help the white community and uncle tom blacks gentrify Ward 8 like the building of street cars, homeland security complex, Sheridan Station, St. Eve's "tech complex", Anacostia Waterfront development (soccer stadium), 11th Street Bridge Recreation Proposal, "Redevelopment of Barry Farm" and I could go on.

    I am glad you commented though at least you have the integrity to say what you mean, "These lazy n*ggers need to get off their asses". Mary-Austin a Myopic little twit with integrity!

  • anon

    I'd say the patronage at the cupcake shop in my neighborhood is pretty evenly split along racial lines fwiw.

    Signed, modestly affluent white dude who cares nothing for cupcake shops, dog parks, or snowball fights

  • Blake

    This column was pure straw for people on both sides to build weak, angry little men. Good job, Milloy, and way to go for taking the bait until you can't even have a good-faith conversation with your neighbors about the systemic problems plaguing this city.

  • Totalbs

    Because he doesnt ign off on Minstrel Madea he has no sense of humor?! Statements like that are what makes the entitled little gentrifying nitwits deplorable. Take your self esteem metals and go the fuck back where you came from.