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Metro to Pepco: Heckuva Job—Really!

Lots of people are mad at Pepco over the whole "no power for a week" thing. Even Vince Gray says the utility is taking too long, and he's barely back from China.

But government-sanctioned monopolies have to stick together, and Metro has the power company's back. In a letter to Pepco thanking the company for helping to keep the system running, Metro General Manager Richard Sarles offered up praise:

"Your respective teams prioritized work needed to keep Metro service operating, ensuring efficient use of manpower and resources, and helping us ensure the safety of customers and employees," Sarles wrote.

Because if anybody knows efficient use of manpower and resources, it's Metro.

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  • Chris

    I think Mr. Sarles may have a point. It would have been disastrous for the region not to have metro running, as the roads were already pretty bad. Getting the power back to Metro made a big difference.

    Then again, I live in Northern Virginia, was at a hotel for Saturday and Sunday, and had power back when I arrived home. If I still did not have power, I probably would not be as understanding.