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Washington Times Columnist Spontaneously Moved to Criticize Trolley Barn

In her Monday Washington Times column, Deborah Simmons trashed a proposed streetcar barn in Ward 5. Ahead of a emergency meeting called by Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie that night about the barn, Simmons called plans for the barn "illogical" and surveys of residents' views about the streetcars "phoney baloney."
At least, Simmons writes, some Ward 5 residents [...]

If You Give a Pol a Cookie…

When D.C.’s current era of federal investigations, indictments, and resignations finally reaches its apogee, it’ll be time for someone to condense it all into book form. Surely the District’s government scribes are already honing their pitches to write Dream City 2, but we’d like to think the foibles of D.C. politicos would make for some [...]

Pour One Out for the Pub Quiz at Ireland’s Four Fields

There's more than one reason to stop tonight at Ireland's Four Fields, the Cleveland Park watering hole and gathering place for Irish musicians that's holding a wake for itself after operating for 34 years. (It used to be called Ireland's Four Provinces, or the 4Ps.) Here's one reason: Each week, the bar and restaurant hosted [...]

Congress Heights Residents React to Shooting of Children

After two children and a counselor were shot Monday in the Village of the Parklands in Congress Heights, City Desk headed down to the neighborhood to see how residents were reacting to the shooting.
“It’s terrible that people are going around with guns and don’t consider that children are around,” said Sandy Hairston, 19. “Police are just [...]

District Line Daily: Private Streetcars

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Good morning! The District is considering privatizing portions of the streetcar line.

Coming [...]

Photo: Man in Shadow

7th and H Street, NW.  June 26th.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

D.C.’s Papal Picketer Has No Plans to Stop

Washingtonian has a detailed profile of John Wojnowski, who may be better known as the guy who holds signs outside Massachussetts Avenue's Vatican embassy, or Apostolic Nunciature, denouncing the Catholic Church. Wojnowski, who says he was molested by a priest in Italy in his youth, has been protesting the nunciature since 1997.
While Wojnowski doesn't show [...]

The Needle: Rector Rebuffed

UVa President Back: With a unanimous vote, the University of Virginia's Board of Visitors reinstated President Teresa Sullivan today. Earlier, Petula Dvorak wondered whether Sullivan's ouster has attracted attention because she is facing off against another prominent woman, university rector Helen Dragas: "Is it just the woman-on-woman smackdown that makes us all keeping tuning in?" [...]

Photo: Blue Hour

Arlington, VA. © 2012 Michael W. Hicks

District Line Daily: RGIII Extortion Attempt

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Good morning! A former Baylor basketball player has been charged with attempting to extort Redskins [...]

Neighborhood News Roundup: So Special Edition Edition

A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.
All-Caps Everything: We thought our grandmas were the only members of the rarefied class who still can't figure out the caps-lock button. But an overly excited member of the Shepherd Park email list proves us wrong: "WE CAN'T CHANGE [...]

The Needle: This Again?

Forget It, Ice, It's Chinatown: The great debate over whether coffee shops should be able to refuse requests to put espresso on ice flares up again, this time over an exchange at Chinatown Coffee. Longtime blog feud fans will remember a similar dispute in 2008, although this dispute is slightly redeemed by the barista's allegedly [...]

Examiner Spices Up Page Two After Cartoonist’s Exit

Starting today, the Washington Examiner has a new weapon in its ongoing tabloid war with Express: a less-stodgy second page.
Gone are the syndicated cartoons and editorials, both of which have been moved deep inside the paper. They've been replaced with three new features: "Talking Points", which editor Stephen G. Smith says works like a survival guide [...]

Did Tom Sherwood Make a Harry Thomas Jr. Prison Rape Joke?

If you needed any more proof that new federal inmate Harry Thomas Jr. has been forsaken by the District's political class, here it is: NBC4's Tom Sherwood told a joke about him having sex in prison at last night's RAMMY Awards.
Sherwood, who was presenting some of the restaurant awards with Washington City Paper Publisher Amy [...]

Post Managing Editor Liz Spayd Officially Leaving

Washington Post Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli sent out a memo to staff this morning confirming what Politico reported last week: Managing Editor Liz Spayd is on her way out.
"We hadn’t intended for the news to filter out in this way or at this time, but, since it has, let me set it in context," Brauchli [...]