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“The Entire World Is Going to Kick Our Ass”: Supreme Court Crowd Reacts to Verdict

After the Supreme Court upheld most of the Affordable Care Act, City Desk ventured to the court to get reactions to the decision. Some people were thrilled, others weren't too happy

"I didn’t come to this country for slavery," says 70-year-old Susan Clark of Santa Monica, Calif. "I want Mount Rushmore. There’s not a Democrat on that mountain."

"When I look at decisions like this it makes me sick, it makes me sad for this country," says 48-year-old Jon Rappaport of Charlotte, N.C. "The entire world is going to kick our ass."

"My hope it’s that it’s going to show Americans who are undecided that constitutionality is the priority and goal of the Obama administration," says 33-year-old Eddie Weingart (center) of Silver Spring, Md. "I’m a patriotic American, I do believe in our justice system."

"We were hoping that they would stand on the side of the American people and rule it as unconstitutional," says 37-year-old Amy Brighton of Medina, Ohio, shown above with a man who declined to give his name. "I feel like we were lied to. I have no trust in our government."

And then there was the woman, who also declined to give her name, who told me to reduce my abortions and fornications.

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  • Ward 2 Maven

    Yes, would you please reduce your fornications.

  • cminus

    "I want Mount Rushmore. There’s not a Democrat on that mountain."

    I suppose its easier to be a Tea Partier if you just make up American history as you see fit.

    Mount Rushmore displays two Republican presidents (Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt), one president who steadfastly refused to claim any party membership (Washington), and Thomas Jefferson.

    Jefferson was the first president from the Democratic-Republican Party. The Democratic-Republican Party later shortened its name to the Democratic Party, and is the direct ancestor of today's Democratic Party. This is why the Democratic Party's tagline is "the Party of Jefferson", akin to the GOP's "the Party of Lincoln".