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If You Give a Pol a Cookie…

When D.C.’s current era of federal investigations, indictments, and resignations finally reaches its apogee, it’ll be time for someone to condense it all into book form. Surely the District’s government scribes are already honing their pitches to write Dream City 2, but we’d like to think the foibles of D.C. politicos would make for some fairly simple moral parables—you know, the stuff of children’s books. Herewith, a few suggestions.

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  • Arrgh

    Nice job. Those are pretty funny.

  • James

    Well done.

  • Java Master

    Hysterical! And oh so close to the truth, too....

  • Ward 4

    What about a Vincent Gray book,"The Lion the bitch and the Probe" Lorraine Green plays the Bitch.Lol