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Congress Heights Residents React to Shooting of Children

After two children and a counselor were shot Monday in the Village of the Parklands in Congress Heights, City Desk headed down to the neighborhood to see how residents were reacting to the shooting.

“It’s terrible that people are going around with guns and don’t consider that children are around,” said Sandy Hairston, 19. “Police are just sitting around in areas that are guarded like Georgetown.”

Elsewhere in the neighborhood, Kirk Crisp, 62, was talking with friends. Crisp said the neighborhood is too dangerous for a man his age to be outside often. “It’s a damn shame," he said. "We need more enforcement. We need a curfew."

The shooter opened fire while about 30 children stood on a nearby sidewalk. Police say the gunman was shooting at another man who had run for cover, and not at the kids—but stray bullets wounded the two children and the counselor, all of whom are expected to survive. The shooter remains at large, the Post reports.

Matt Smith, 42,  leaning on his bike against a fence, said the police aren't doing enough to stop violence. “Police sitting there in their car doing nothing. "Ain’t doing nothing. Free checks. My money. My tax-payer money.”

Friends Khalilah Johnson, 37, and Wendy Bishop, 44, have pushed for speed bumps and playgrounds in the neighborhood for their children.

"What are we supposed to do besides keep complaining?" said Bishop. "When’s the next person going to run through here and hit one of my babies?"

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  • thatshitcray

    Congress Heights residents need to take some responsibility for their crime infested neighborhood. Start working with the police to clean up the streets. The individuals committing crimes are people in the community. You have to know who many of these little gangsters are. Don't bitch about police harassment and ask for more police at the same time.

  • The Advoc8te


    You are a moron.

    The end.

  • Name

    The Advoc8te. You're an Idiot.

    Any wonder why neighborhoods get better when white people move in? Hint: It ain't the money.

    It's because they call the cops on your publicly drunk ass, and you stupid kids dicking around on the corner. Bored kids hanging out with other kids with no parents around do stupid crap. You don't have time to be bored when you're at home doing your damn homework and cleaning up the damn house.

    And no the cops aren't just "hanging out" all over the place in NW. They come when people call them. Black folks don't want cops around so they can act like fools and shoot up, but then complain when it goes one step further and someone shoots a gun. DC is full of black cops. Find one you trust and clean up your hood.


  • DC Mom

    I thought the shooting happened by the splash park. Isn't that Shipley Terrace?

  • brendabattle

    I am black; I hv no problem w/the police being visible; and i don't "shoot up." There r good ppl and bad, regardless of race, color, or creed--just as there are good officers and those that abuse their authority. That's what some ppl do. No one race of ppl should be categorized based on the actions of a few.

  • fedupwithbs

    How about you hold your tounge white boy and get back into your place. Your cracker ass does not know the first thing about "black folks" or about a black community, so please keep your bullshit ass racist comments and your cowardly solution of calling the police on black kids dicking around on the corner to yourself. You really dont care about solving the problems of the black community...quite the contrary is evidenced in the blatantly racist undertones of your writing. Incidents such as this shooting give whites like you who think their shit does not stink the opportunity to step out of line with your comments and say things you would never say to the face of ANY black person. Internet Coward...I'm really not even writing to you as much as for everyone else on here to read iright after your ignorant comment.

    Aren't cities supposeed to have people hanging out the corne? The sad thing about you is that you dont even have half of a heart (for courage or love) or a brain to realize that most of the black kids hanging out on the corner - IF YOU EVER HAD THE COURAGE TO APPROACH ONE AND ENGAGE THEM IN COVERSATION - are just kids. Kids failed by public schools...and failed by their parents. So its the kids fault right? Calling the police on them is the best solution you can come up with? They may be 6ft tall...but if you TALK to will realize that they are TYPICAL TEENAGERS. Don't let the acts of a few define your view of other black youth or "black folks" in general.

    Again...hold your toungue on anything about black folks or a black community bc you are a COWARD and way outta line

  • Anon

    Name - the way you expressed your outrage was not well thought out. I think the whole city is horrified by these shootings and its easy to shake your head and say 'typical'. Fedup is right, we cannot judge a whole population based on actions of a few. The low-income public housing model has been an epic fail along with the leadership in this city that allowed the education system failure and welfare dependance for generations. Don't look down on someone unless you are offering a hand up, but you have to be willing to take that hand.

    That being said, I agree with thatshitcray, you can't have a snitches get stitches policy and expect crime to resolve itself. You want the cops or not? You want a nice neighborhood or not? Surely someone in Shipley Terrace knows either the shooter or the intended target. Yet no one is talking - now thatshitcray

  • Typical DC BS

    @Anon: Good comment. Very well nuanced.