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The Needle: This Again?

Forget It, Ice, It's Chinatown: The great debate over whether coffee shops should be able to refuse requests to put espresso on ice flares up again, this time over an exchange at Chinatown Coffee. Longtime blog feud fans will remember a similar dispute in 2008, although this dispute is slightly redeemed by the barista's allegedly terrible, blasé service: 

Him: “We don’t do that because it will ruin it. We make the best espresso in the city and putting it over ice will shock it.”

Me: [long pause] “Really?”

Him: “Aww… did I just ruin your day?”

-5 (-6, +1 for "Aww...did I just ruin your day?")

Streetcar Scuffle: Marion Barry is withdrawing his disapproval resolution over the H Street streetcar line, helping the city avoid a possibly 45-day delay. +1

Bryce Harper Hops: WTOP's Neal Augenstein tries out Denver-brewed "Clown Question Bro." beer and declares it "pretty darn good," before bringing some cups and peanuts to morning anchors Bruce Alan and Mike Moss, who say they like it on-air. The mood is so much more relaxed at WTOP these days! +2

Summer Lovin': The Examiner reports that Rep. Dennis Kucinich displayed some "light PDA" with his wife at a congressional softball game last week. Glad to see the loss of his congressional district isn't keeping Kucinich down.  +1

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  • Mrs. D

    I hate coffee snobbery like that. I love a good coffee, and I know putting fresh espresso over ice will substantially alter the flavor, but if that's what the customer wants, that's what the customer should get. Fine, warn them it's better sans ice, but if they insist...JUST SERVE IT. This is why I make Vietnamese-style coffee at stuff on earth (cold, sweet, strong, hella caffeinated, and refreshing), but it would offend the sensibilities of the holier-than-thou baristas in this city (plus there's a -10% chance they have sweetened, condensed milk on hand).

    Dennis Kucinich's wife is HOT. I suppose it's probably the success/power, but I often wonder how that happened...

  • Anoymous

    Everybody goes there today and asks for an Americano.