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Did Tom Sherwood Make a Harry Thomas Jr. Prison Rape Joke?

If you needed any more proof that new federal inmate Harry Thomas Jr. has been forsaken by the District's political class, here it is: NBC4's Tom Sherwood told a joke about him having sex in prison at last night's RAMMY Awards.

Sherwood, who was presenting some of the restaurant awards with Washington City Paper Publisher Amy Austin, opened with some current-events zingers: Kwame Brown couldn't come to the awards because he's getting fitted for an orange jumpsuit, Sherwood quipped, and Vince Gray isn't going to defect to China.

Then he veered into the land of terrible taste: "Harry Thomas wanted to be here, but he's having his own RAMMY Award," Sherwood said.

Was Sherwood making a joke about Thomas being raped? Given the, um, tradition of soap-dropping jokes and the "RAM" in RAMMY, it's hard to think that he wasn't. "At the risk of explaining the joke, I think it does evoke prison sex, consensual or not," Sherwood wrote in an email.

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  • Name

    This is pretty poor taste. It's probably time to stick to reporting and give up color commentary when you stoop to this level.

  • One Eyed Snake

    Of course prison sex jokes are in poor taste, but they can also be very, very funny, given the right inmate....

  • Wait, What?

    Poor taste for sure, but far less so than stealing ~$370k earmarked for DC kids...

  • Mary-Austin

    Come on. How could he not make that joke at the RAMMY Awards?

  • Begla

    Yo, rape jokes? From Tom Sherwood? Not fucking funny. And pretty lame that you aren't calling him out on it? The City Paper gets pissed about BYT making suicide jokes but this is A-OK?

  • Anonymous

    Tom Sherwood isn't worth commenting about. Humorless!

  • Rick Rosendall

    Humor is hard.

  • Ally Schweitzer

    @Begla, where do you see our staff writer say he approves of this joke? It's clear to me it's not a stamp of approval whatsoever.

  • Jes’ sayin’

    You seem to have taken a lot more offense at the Fojol Bros. traveling food carnival than you did about Sherwood's prison rape joke.

    Jes' sayin'

  • cutthecrap

    Tom Sherwood has a deep throat.

  • RedDead

    whatever. thomas deserves this joke and to get rammed in prison. he is a liar and a thief. sherwood - great joke! keep it up!

  • Peyton Sherwoos

    No such thing as bad press. Proud of my Pop.

  • DC_LovesYou

    I don't see a problem here. I was funny. Pretty sure Thomas won't allow himself to be butt-raped in prison, though...

  • DC_LovesYou

    *It was funny...

  • P. Sherwood

    * Sherwood :) Can't even spell my own damn name right.... thanks iphone...