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A New Reason to Avoid Columbia Heights: Redditors

Ugh, Reddit. The popular social sharing site's users love to talk about their charity work, but they're also prone to trashing rape victims and bringing down servers with their eagerness to share racial stereotypes. Whether you're looking to avoid them or, for some reason, congregate with them, Columbia Heights is the place to focus on, according to a thread on the site's D.C.-area forum.

The thread's first poster asked people to post the names and then vote for the neighborhood they live in. Here are your top five Washington neighborhoods for Reddit users who voted in the thread, followed by the number of votes they received:

  1. Columbia Heights (33 votes)
  2. Capitol Hill (27 votes)
  3. Dupont Circle (26 votes)
  4. H Street (21 votes)
  5. Mount Pleasant (15 votes)

Arlington and Alexandria also came in high with 45 votes and 25 votes, respectively.

Photo by AgnosticPreachersKid via Wikimedia Commons

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  • BW

    Will, how did you find out about the reddit post to begin with?

    If you saw it yourself, that means you visit reddit. That makes you one of the racist, rape victim blamers you so despise.

    If someone else told you about it, is a racist, rape victim blamer really a reliable source?

  • Patrick

    Is this really a story though? The most recent figures available put the population of Columbia Heights at 18,434. There are 33 votes listed on the poll you provide. So the population of asserted redditors in Columbia Heights is 0.0017 percent. Maybe bump that up an order of magnitude or so to account for Columbia Heights redditors which didn't see the post, chose not to reply, or aren't subscribed to the D.C. subreddit, giving an estimate of about 0.01 percent of the population. This story is as silly as this comment!

  • Patrick

    I appear to have sourced poor quality numbers - it seems the population of Columbia Heights is in fact closer to 31,696. Adjust my calculations accordingly :)

  • Catlike

    BW is nuts on logic points. You could have just had someone user open the site. It is not one or two.

    But you are a writer Will, and I still don't know what you were trying say.

  • Eric

    What a useless article. Reddit is also the driving force behind the SOPA protest and (with 4chan) the creator of every funny thing you have ever reposted to your facebook account. Go back to giving "Best of" awards to every company in DC hoping they will buy advertising.

    <3 Redditor

  • dud

    I read this and felt like I just heard stomping and a screen door slam. people in the media seem to be incredibly adept at mimicking the contradictory demagogues they're always trying to point to everyone else. I wonder why that is?

    stop turning people against one another. it's trashy.

  • Nick

    A new reason to avoid City Paper: terrible writers.

  • dud

    terrible writing I can live with if the writers can at least act like they love their city - but of course no one at City Paper does because they're all just working there as a step to something else, somewhere else. It's so baldly evident, I almost wish they wouldn't distribute them anywhere - why bother when it's so clear the writers hate everything. +1 Baltimore City Paper

  • Jimmy

    This is ridiculous "journalism" if I have ever seen it. I have never really identified myself as a redditor, partially because I dislike the fanboy nature that seems to permeate those that do. As though this website that is free to join and open to all is some sort of secret club, with nonsensical passphrases and indignation over stolen memes. But I do find it an entertaining aggregate of a great deal of excellent information.

    Perhaps Will Sommer has had too many run ins with bacon scented narwhal fans to realize that they actually make up a rather small amount of the user base.

    Regardless condemnation of a neighborhood and a website seems deliberately and unnecessarily negative. Especially since Arlington came in a whopping 36% higher number.

    The "author" of this "article" has worked in his current position as city desk "writer" for probably less than a month after working as an intern. Perhaps he should be demoted back down until he learns that arrogantly insulting people with out any just cause or reasoning is likely to do nothing more than stir up pointless trouble.

    However if that is the mission of the City paper, please carry on. I will remember your choices in hiring authors and allowing them the freedom to write tripe like this as I pick up my next issue when I am looking for something to wrap up the dog feces on my lawn.

  • pbj

    Article contains no statistically significant information.

  • White

    Sounds like you're a bigot. Cool story bro

  • John

    What a bizarre and ungrounded stereotype of the DC Reddit community (and, really, Reddit as a whole). I've often picked up copies of the City Paper, but after this, not any more. The DC reddit community is a great group of thoughtful folks, many with deep roots in DC. (Personally, I've been here over 15 years and do work around race relations and youth violence.) If City Paper's editors are going to let nasty and inaccurate pieces like this run, then I don't have any further interest in the publication.

  • DeepApathy

    well Will after a quick scan of the archive this will be your most commented on article. Congratulations! sadly this post, which I believe puts you over the top, is going to point out that this is not in any way shape or form "news".

    Seriously, you're phoning it in and given how low the bar is at your paper that's saying something.

    Just use reddit fark digg etc like every other bad reporter does, steal news articles after other people have reported on them.

  • Steve

    That's some hard-hitting, investigative journalism there, Will. Sounds like something written while browsing reddit.

  • Connor

    This is a site with millions upon millions of users. This is like saying "A New Reason to Avoid Texas: One of them was rude to me."

    You're also citing the Gawker news network, which makes me wonder if you have any ability to analyze journalism at all. They have historically proven themselves to be full of shit.

  • some guy

    What are the other reasons for avoiding Columbia Heights?

  • Phil

    Wow, horrible generalizations, here. You clearly have some personal bias against Reddit, and that has no place in the City Paper. Congrats on the new job, Will, but if you keep this up your career will not go far.

  • Someone

    This is insulting to Columbia Heights, your readers, and the non-trivial-portion-of-reddit-that-isn't-assholes.

    -A feminist non-white redditor in Columbia Heights

  • Jane

    What about their impassioned defense of the "jailbait" section? Reddit can be OK sometimes but overall it seems a lot more gross than cool.

  • VoiceofBinky

    Reddit? What's that? Never heard of it.

  • All these Limes

    I am a Redditor and a CP advertiser, now Im just gonna be one of those things. What a ridiculous, pointless, and obtuse article. I could get into to all the money Reddit users have raised for people in need, all the pizza's sent to hungry families, all the science discussions, debates on important issues, not to mention all the cat pics... but I won't. Reddit is a mirror of the people in this world- some of us are cool, some of us are douche bags, some of us are in between. But the point is that Reddit, along with other community based sites, is the voice of who we are. Deal with it. Oh and next time try to research your articles a little earlier so you won't have to whip something out last minute like you did here.

  • Matt

    Hahahaha, I love how defensive Reddit users get when someone dares to publicly trash their precious internet white boys club.

    If Reddit wants to collectively take credit for the charity work and SOPA activism that's fine, but that means it also has to take credit for the fact that the most "uvpoted" comments and posts on that site have very often been racist and sexist garbage (oh I'm sorry, "jokes").

    There's a reason why every single freaking month there's a "HEY REDDIT WHAT'S UR MOST RACIST VIEW" post getting voted to the top of the page with thousands of comments.

  • steve

    Is this the hard hitting journalistic masterpiece you envisioned after graduating with a worthless degree from an overpriced liberal arts college?

    This has to be the worst article I've seen in a long time.

  • Cap City Records Panhandler

    yawn... yawn

  • meeerw.

    Colored, female redditor here. Of course reddit is sexist and racist, because it's a microcosm of American society. That said, this article is dumb. Refer to comments 1-8.

  • styglan1

    25th redditor to comment. Hispanic, Columbia Heights resident redditor here.

    Way to paint with broad brushstrokes what is a HUGE website with a very diverse user base. What other broad-based jilted views do you have? Tell me about the average DC resident, gentrification, Vincent Gray, Republicans, Arlington residents and blondes. I'm sure you have an opinion on them all.

    By the way - I love City Paper but this post was total, contrived BS, trollbait. Good work buddy. Cut and paste some more and maybe you will be writing front page CP articles soon. (I'm missing Lydia even though she isn't gone yet).