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Chevy Chase Spooked by Manslaughter Flyers

Residents on the D.C. side of the Maryland line in genteel Chevy Chase were surprised Monday morning to find they had a new neighbor, according to flyers posted around the neighborhood: a convicted manslaughterer.

Headlined “BEWARE OF KILLER,” the flyers warned that a man who had lived in Chevy Chase had been convicted of voluntary manslaughter in West Virginia in 2006. After getting out of prison last year, according to the flyer, he had come back to Chevy Chase. Worth noting: City Desk was unable to find evidence to confirm what's on the flyer, which is why we've obscured the identity of the man listed on it.

“Residents of this community have done a lot for him and then he killed one of them in return,” reads the flyer, before taking a bizarre turn after the man’s release from prison last November:

He was welcomed by the other homeless who openly deny what he did but they have also commended him for having killed a member of another race who was a resident of this community.

Who are these homeless men who take a break from just surviving to promote racial holy war?

Email list reactions ranged from concerns for kids who would be scared by the flyer’s tone, to the legality of flyering an entire neighborhood. But inevitably, the final reaction boiled down to how the flyers make the neighborhood look.

“Who wants to live in a neighborhood with ‘Kilroy was here’ and toilet stall innuendo scribbled on any opportunistically available surface?” wrote one resident.

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  • Tim

    "...City Desk was unable to find evidence to confirm what's on the flyer,...."

    So the flyer is making false allegations? Or no records can be found of a felony conviction and prison sentence?!? Or someone who was in fact convicted and sentenced for one crime is being unjustly accused of another? Or a new crime is being hushed up? Or what? Hey, news guys, why don't you make some calls?

  • Will Sommer

    When Lexis-Nexis and Google searches turned up no reference to the victim or alleged perpetrator, I made some calls to West Virginia's prison system, but none of the numbers worked.

    When I called the governor's office to get a different number for the prisons, same problem. West Virginia's court records aren't available online, so absent a trip to WV, we had to settle for blurring the flyer.