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The Needle: I’m Looking Through You Edition

Rude!: Washington Post Metro reporter Dana Hedgpeth is pregnant. There's  no need for congratulatory gestures, just polite ones: As Hedgpeth notes in a column for Dr. Gridlock, Metro passengers are rather astoundingly terrible at giving up their seats for pregnant women—even when their non-pregnant, male friends try to urge them into doing the right thing for society. Hedgpeth says that an informal survey revealed the worst offenders of the stare-through-you-and-refuse-to-acknowledge-you-are-more-deserving-of-this-seat-than-I tactic are young white women and middle-aged white men. -3

Not Bank-Fraud Proof: David Simon's best efforts to convince everyone that the charges against Kwame Brown are a bunk effort to disgrace Brown not for his government work, but simply for not being a decent person who pays what he owes, are now irrelevant: Brown pleaded guilty to bank fraud in federal court today. -5

Tweetspat: Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice Paul Quander and D.C. Trans Coalition activist—and hyperactive social justice Twitter presenceJason Terry got into it at Mayor Vince Gray's Capitol Pride town-hall event last night. Quander cited Terry's recent tweets (one of which, prior to the meeting, said, "''What evil should I direct towards our beloved police chief today?'') as justification for, allegedly, shutting a door in his face and assuming Terry wouldn't cooperate with him—not a good look for Quander, especially at a panel designed to further an open dialogue between city officials and the LGBT community. -3

Hit Me: Starting July 4, the National Building Museum will be open! While this stressed-out, indictment-riddled city could probably benefit more from turning the National Mall into the National Driving Range, a whackable course in the Building Museum's atrium isn't a bad alternative. With the Lego Architecture exhibit in town until Sept. 3, the museum has, apparently, cornered summertime indoor-recess activites. Will the Firehook Bakery there start selling popsicles? +2

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  • Begla

    That was definitely not what David Simon was arguing at all. His comment wasn't about Brown, but about whether we're okay with a prosecutor charging someone with fairly run-of-the-mill asset inflation to get a loan and a super widespread practice of overpaying campaign workers when the prosecutor can't get actual corruption charges to stick.

    It's like when prosecutors couldn't get trumped up terrorism charges to stick against people arrested for organizing against the Republican National Convention in 2008 so they got one of them on misdemeanor conspiracy to commit criminal mischief for having talked at a meeting about whether it would be useful to put newspaper boxes in the street to slow cop cars pursuing a march.

    Kwama was a dbag and shouldn't be on the council, but this is worrying not because of him but because of how they can use these tactics against other people.