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How Much Chuck

What if you went to a go-go funeral and a political meeting broke out?

That was the vibe last week when D.C. officialdom helped say farewell to Chuck Brown. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton touted her efforts to establish a national Chuck Brown Day on Aug. 22. Mayor Vince Gray proposed renaming a city park after the departed go-go legend. Not to be outdone, then-D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown—whose speech featured a politically loaded swipe telling allegedly go-go-phobic new District residents to “get over it”—proposed building a go-go hall of fame within the premises of the aforementioned Chuck Brown Park. What are some other ways the District could honor Brown’s legacy?

THE CHUCKSKINS: Ends controversial nickname, honors Godfather, too

D.C. FLAG TRIBUTE: Because Chucks are so much more original than stars

CHUCK OF ARC: He’ll watch over D.C. from Malcolm X Park.

CHUCK-LIT CITY BEER: An accurate name for any census report

THE BROWN LINE: Way better than Metro’s new Silver Line


Illustrations by Jandos Rothstein (Chuckskins, Chuck of Arc, D.C. flag) and Brooke Hatfield (Chuck-lit City, Brown Line)

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  • Art

    While I cannot properly articulate the reason, I find this to be offensive. If nothing else, it is far too soon.

  • rezOfward4

    I agree Art. It's offensive and tacky. Why not just stick with the premise of the story, about how the service was politicized? If anyone should be mocked, it should be the grandstanding officialdom.

  • mw

    Very offensive pictures. Like much of City Paper's writing and logic, this demonstrates poor judgment, lack of thoughtfulness, and insensitivity.

  • Joe Warminsky

    I bet somebody's already getting the Chuck Flag tattoo as I type this.

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  • Derrick M.

    Chuck was a champion of DC causes tho.. Last time I saw him perform was at an ACLU rally for DC statehood. Only right that the politicians whose policies he promoted and or influenced took opportunities to speak at his homegoing...