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What D.C. Adult Sports League Should I Join?

Maybe it’s the absurdly high concentration of people in their 20s, or maybe we’re just a city of joiners. But whatever the reason, D.C. boasts dozens of social sports—including at least four separate kickball leagues. Which one is right for you? Perhaps this chart can help:

D.C. Adult Sports

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  • Jesse B

    One social "sport" you missed was District Karaoke, DC's only social, team-based karaoke league!

  • Caitlin

    Roller derby! :)

  • D

    Brilliant! Thanks.

  • NAKID Social Sports

    You missed DC's largest kickball league - NAKID Social Sports.

  • Tim R

    There should be a line there before WAKA that says "I am (or aspire to be) awesome at flip cup." if yes, NAKID kickball, if no, WAKA.

  • DC Bocce

    This is a great way to display the area's social sports organizations. We were voted Best Adult Sports League in the City Paper’s 2011 poll, and would love to be included if a formal list is being put together.

    For looking for a complete bocce experience, DC Bocce League registration is open at We have 12 divisions this summer across the DMV and our members are a great mix of locals with even numbers of men and women, including many now married couples who met playing bocce. Our season culminates in a city-wide charity tournament, with $10,000 going to various charities selected by the division winners and the city champ.

  • Tom

    Awww Sadie, I'm glad this is only meant as satire, as you were able to get almost everything completely wrong concerning ultimate frisbee. Thankfully since it's in the city paper it isn't likely that many people will ever see it anyway. Cheers!

  • DC Social Sports Club

    If you happen to cross the river, look for DC Social Sports Club @ Arlington (formerly Arlington Athletic & Social League). DC Social offers traditional programs like flag football, softball, soccer, and volleyball. In addition, DC Social hosts unique sports like TopGolf, street hockey, broomball, and handball. It's DC Cornhole league fields 50 teams this summer.

  • Chris

    The Ultimate Frisbee website is incorrect. Go to if you're looking to have some actual athletic fun.

  • Lisa

    Huge snub of ZogSports--the best new league in town!

    Workflow should have gone: "Do you want to drink for a good cause? --> Zogsports"

    Check it out for your next infographic/decision tree: