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Here Are Your New Speed Cameras

MPD has released the list of new speed cameras that have hit the District. Starting May 7, you may have gotten a warning in the mail. Starting June 7, the "educational phase" will be over and those warnings will turn into tickets. Where are the cameras? List after the jump.

Location Speed Limit
Southwest Frwy SW @ Exit 4 westbound 40mph
I395 SW after Exit 4 eastbound 40mph
400 blk 14th St SW northbound 35mph
200 blk 17th St NE southbound 25mph
800 blk Maine Ave SW northwestbound 25mph
1300 blk 4th St SW southbound 25mph
9th St Tunnel NW southbound 35mph
3000 blk Foxhall Rd NW southbound 25mph
1800 blk Harvard St NW northwestbound 25mph
7600 blk Georgia Ave NW southbound 30mph
4800 blk Georgia Ave NW southbound 30mph
1700 blk North Portal Dr NW southwestbound 25mph
2800 blk Bladensburg Rd NE southwestbound 30mph
3100 blk Bladensburg Rd NE northeastbound 30mph
2200 blk South Dakota Ave NE southeastbound 25mph
S. Dakota Ave NE westbound prior to V St 25mph
700 blk Franklin St NE westbound 25mph
1400 blk New York Ave NE northeastbound 35mph
1500 blk West Virginia Ave NE northeastbound 25mph
2000 blk West Virginia Ave NE southwestbound 25mph
3100 blk Minnesota Ave SE southwestbound 25mph
3000 blk Minnesota Ave SE northeastbound 25mph
3700 blk Massachusetts Ave SE southeastbound 25mph
3900 blk Pennsylvania Ave SE southeastbound 30mph
4300 blk Texas Ave SE southbound 25mph
4800 blk Texas Ave SE northbound 25mph
5000 blk Sheriff Rd NE westbound 30mph

Photo by katmeserin via Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution Generic 2.0 License

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  • TD40

    Grab, grab, grab.

    No problem. I hope MPD enjoys the very short lived cash grab. Maybe the cameras will even have paid for themselves by the time most people are used to the new locations and slow down for the 4 seconds between the white lines in order to thwart the cameras and MPDs coffer. Law enforcement still doesn't get it that these cameras don't make people drive more responsibly. All we do is slow down (sometimes rather suddenly or dangerously) to avoid getting our picture taken, and then we speed back up. Hell, maybe we'll even speed up to a little faster just out of spite. ;)

    They love to pretend that they put these cameras up where many pedestrains have been struck or accidents have occured because of speeders, but we all know they just put them up where people have been pulled over for speeding or are otherwise known to speed. It's laughable when they try to pretend it's about anything other than just plain wanting to make money.

    Lots more cameras? great. Lots more people hitting thier breaks suddenly when they notice the camera out of the corner of their eye or the white lines in the road, more people abusing the speed limit to a greater extent as soon as they're clear of the camera, and another big, metal blight on the landscape that hardly brings in any revenue once people start remembering where it is- which doesn't take long. Good work, MPD.

  • Drez

    The more the merrier!

  • H Bomb

    Love the cameras! Put em' everywhere and move them around occasionally. Thanks MD and VA for helping pay my taxes. A little pay back for all the times you tried to run me down as a pedestrian zooming down our residential DC streets. It is simple...if you don't speed you won't get a ticket.

  • Dan

    I'm pro. Anything that slows down people even for a few blocks is good for pedestrians and bicyclists.

  • OutsideTheLaw

    1, 2, 3, 5 and 7 on that list are specifically designed to catch Virginians, especially going to or coming from Nationals Stadium. Commuter tax by another name.