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Photos: Job Fair

700 Block 7th Street, NW.  May 9th.   © 2012 Matt Dunn

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  • B-DC

    LOL they are attending a job fair? Dressed like they're going to the damn club and they wonder why they can't find employment, learn how to dress for an interview idiots.

  • Mike

    Maybe the job fair was for a club, or hair industry.

  • thatshitcray

    Ha ha ha!

  • Tanya

    Well, making fun of them isnt going to help them... obviously someone hasnt educated them or they didnt listen. I'd rather assume someone did tell them and try to help them. Each 1 Teach 1 . we could make the world a better place!!!

  • Matt Dunn

    The job fair was for Urban Outfitters in Chinatown.