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Tallest Building in New York Dwarfs Tallest Building in D.C.

At 1,250 feet, One World Trade Center officially became the tallest building in New York City today.

Here in D.C. we like our tallest buildings to be vintage: The tower on the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception is 329 feet and it was completed in 1959. You could put nearly three and a half of the basilicas on top of each other, and the new World Trade Center would still be taller!

(Correction: Due to a reporting error, this post originally misstated the height of the tower at the National Shrine. It is 329 feet, not 359 feet. Also, the church's dome is 237 feet.)

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

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  • Drez

    Another glass tower.
    Think if they built it taller they could have added some architectural interest to it?

  • Please stop

    If DC built taller, we could have cheap rents like Manhattan has. At least that's what Lydia tells me.

  • Remote

    No Drez, it's a Tall Building. The CP'ers genuflect at a mere mention of Tall Buildings. They worship them. They

    The Answer

    Let us pray

  • Anonymous, Too

    Yeah... and the residential population and number of workers in NYC dwarfs that of DC.