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Graham Reverses On Sunday Liquor Sales

Despite what he said last week, Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham is not going to support allowing Sunday liquor sales after all, Mike DeBonis reports in the Post:

Graham said that rather than use the Sunday sales revenue to help defeat Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s proposal to extend late-night bar hours, he would instead opt for an increase in the alcohol excise tax amounting to about six cents per drink.

“We have heard from those [advisory neighborhood commissions] representing the nightlife centers and they don’t want longer bar hours,” tweeted Graham, whose committee oversees alcoholic beverage regulation.

So instead of permitting longer hours or booze on Sundays, Graham wants to tax drinkers. That seems like it'll go over really well.

Photo by Intangible Arts via Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 GenericLicense

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  • SearchYourFeelings

    Graham is a fucking snake.

  • Ronnie20019

    THANK YOU JIM GRAHAM!!! for seeing the light. If non-Nimby's want to get drunk and of their a$$es which costs me money to pay for extra police because they're too stupid to moderate their drinking, I want to transfer that cost to them!

    Still want to get f'ed up on alcohol? Pay for the police protection via excise tax.

  • Race Matters

    LOL@SearchYourFeelings; Jim Graham is a typical politician, spineless.

  • Big Daddy

    He must have decided to reverse his position after going to an AA meeting.

  • Brian


  • RT

    Jim Graham is taking things from bad to worse. Why should someone who despises alcohol (he's a former alchy, I hear) be in charge of the alcohol board? It's the opposite of a conflict of interest.

  • Just Me

    Typical Graham!

    Let's not make a decision on the merits of whether sales should be allowed on Sunday, something that has been under his purview to address for the last decade as the councilmember with oversight of ABRA. Let's make the decision based upon some convuluted numbers game.

    Then he decides that another tax on alcohol to fund his pet projects, not to address all of the issues that arise from ABC venues that his constituents are concerned about, re: the various quality of life conflicts that often arise. That would make too much sense.

    Graham's best success story related to his ABC oversight is Adams Morgan, a failed management model he wants replicated so he can say he brought more police to the Ward. Graham really needs to be removed from this committee by the Council Chair.

  • DC Tax Payer

    My Fair lady strikes again. There are always places in northern Virginia and Maryland to spend our money.