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The Needle: Caps Win! Edition

The Ice Of Boston Is For Losers: Not many hockey pundits picked the Washington Capitals to beat the Boston Bruins in the first round of this year's Stanley Cup playoffs. The Bruins won the whole thing last year, after all, and besides, the Caps are from D.C., where all things sport-related for most of the last decade have been dismal. That was then. After last night's overtime Caps win in Game 7, things are looking better and better for D.C. sports fans. Exhibit A: The Caps. Exhibit B: The Nationals are, inexplicably, the best team in the National League and 10 games over .500. Exhibit C: The Wizards have won five games in a row (though they'll still finish with the NBA's second-worst record). Exhibit D: D.C. United beat the crap out of archrival Red Bull New York on Sunday. Exhibit RG3: The Redskins will almost certainly take future franchise quarterback Robert Griffin III in tonight's NFL draft. That's a lot of bandwagons to get on all at once for those of you from out of town! +5

Fare Warning: Getting around town will soon be more expensive. So says Metro, which plans to raise fares for buses and subways effective July 1 (the better to make additional money on Fourth of July tourist visits?). Rail fares will go up by an average of 5 percent; bus fares will increase a dime, which works out to about 6 percent. Parking fees will also go up 25 cents. This comes only a few days after a train derailment, of course. The good news: Maybe this will get more people to walk or bike to work? The bad news: Everything else. -3

One Million Dollars: The person sitting next to you as you read this could be a millionaire right now. Someone bought a $1 million Powerball ticket at the Congressional Exxon at 2nd Street and Massachusetts Avenue NW for last night's drawing, the second $1 million Powerball winning ticket sold in the District in the last month. Another $250,000 Mega Millions winner is out there, too. Whoever these people are who could have six-figure checks coming their way, but haven't bothered picking them up, we'd be happy to deal with the money for you. +1

18 Million Tourists: Residents here like to grumble about all the tourists (though, of course, without tourists, the economy would be a little worse off) trooping through town. Now a count of last year's visits estimates there were more than in previous years. Nearly 18 million tourists came to D.C. in 2011, up 3 percent over 2010 and nearly back to the pre-2001 terrorist attack levels. If the trend continues, our get-rich-quick scheme will involve opening a Segway dealership. +1

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  • EP Sato

    Would DC's mainstream media PLEASE stop ignoring boxing? People, Lamont Peterson of DC is the WBA/IBF Junior Welterweight World Champion! He beat Amir Khan (a guy trained by Freddie Roach no less) to win these two belts in December, 2011. He did it right here in DC at the Convention Center. Jr. welterweight is one of boxing's best divisions. It's where guys like Aaron Pryor, Manny Pacquiao and Sugar Ray Leonard made their names.

    Thanks to Peterson's wins, local promoters have been able to assemble several boxing matches at places like the convention center and one at the verizon center is in the works for this summer. DMV boxer Seth Mitchell has been touted as the American most likely to bring the Heavyweight championship back to DC (he fights this weekend, BTW), AND DC born boxer Anthony "Tony the Tiger" Thompson has a fight against the heavyweight champion of the world this summer.

    Boxing's made a significant comeback in the DC metro area, with several hot prospects (such as Gary Russell JR) fighting out of local gyms. Unlike our sports teams, these guys are truly local and home grown. They should be admired as they're helping to but DC back on the map as far as boxing goes. Given that prior to 2011 DC hadn't seen a major pro televised fight in nearly a decade, things have finally started to turn around. But if the press acts like boxing doesn't exist, the fights will stop coming to the convention center/verizon center and will head right back to Vegas and AC.

  • IMGoph

    That Exxon is at 2nd and Mass NE, not NW. :)