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Republican Voters Don’t Like D.C.

Sure, this isn't exactly a newsflash, but it's nice to have actual data to back it up. Public Policy Polling released a study last week evaluating how voters feel about metro areas. Pollsters found that "The biggest partisan gap is unsurprisingly for D.C. Democrats like it by a net 44 points, while Republicans dislike it by 24, for a 68-point gap."

Black voters also like D.C. more than white voters, by 34 points.

Meanwhile, Seattle is super popular but Detroit has to sit by itself in the lunchroom.

Photo by catface3 via Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License

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  • Sancho

    As a DC resident I feel great knowing that Republican voters do not like the city.

  • @SamuelMoore

    As a D.C. Republican... I love the District!

    As far as polling goes, this seems pretty dumb.

  • EdTheRed

    Maybe it's time to change our license plate slogan from "Taxation Without Representation" to "He Hate Me."

  • Keith B.

    I'd be mad if I was a DC republican too

    making em drive around with BJ plates

  • GOP guy in DC Dave

    As a Republican and DC resident, I love living here and enjoy the area's many cultural opportunities, museums, events, concerts, etc. What I don't like is seeing in the news about corruption, incompetence and sleeze brought upon our fine city by our Democratic mayor and Democratic council. If you Dems want a specific source of Democratic sleeze and corruption, read this paper or the Post on any given day.