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Hackers Still Can’t Explain Clearly Why They’re Going After

Last week, I emailed with one of the people taking responsibility for the DDOS attacks that downed several government websites. Going by the name Cosmosis Jones, the person told me they were based in Staten Island, and added, "we just want to address our rights on the internet."

How that relates to D.C. government websites remains unclear.

The Examiner reports that more attacks are planned:

The Underground Nazi hacker collective — more commonly known as UGNazi — claimed responsibility for the episode, as well as separate cyber-attacks against Nasdaq and the New York City government.

"We attacked because we do not like the way the government addresses the Internet. They act as if we have no input whatsoever, and they will pay for that," a hacker who identified himself as "Cosmo" wrote in an email to The Examiner. "There will be many more attacks launched against D.C. and other government websites."

In a separate message on Friday, Cosmo warned Thursday's attack was "just the start of our whole plot against D.C. gov[ernment]."

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  • Begla

    They attacked because it's the capital of the United States and, as the latest upsurge in civil disobedience has shown, there are a lot of people who see direct action in the local as a way of targeting the global (i.e., setting up occupations in the parks of their local city center).

    They also likely attacked what they attacked because they saw easily hit vulnerabilities. These are attacks of opportunism. Their skill set is in taking down websites, not in producing sound bites. Nothing wrong with that.

  • drez

    UG Nazi are idiots and are wasting their own time and resources. DC Gov is a consumer of internet services- just as UG Nazi is- and not a regulator of them.

  • Shani Hilton

    @Begla, you definitely articulated it far more clearly than they did.