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Hackers Attack In Government Protest

District government sites are under a DDOS attack currently, reports DCist and Softpedia. DCist confirmed that there's an ongoing attack, while Softpedia says it's part of a larger plan to protest the U.S. government.

“The capital of US is in DC. Seems the government doesn't care about what we think about. The best place to hit them is at there heart,” one of the hackers told us, referring to the attack on

As we all know, screwing over the 600,000 residents in D.C. who don't have much of a say in U.S. government is the way to go if you're annoyed at the federal lawmakers!

Right now—at least from our computer— is up, 311 is up, DMV is up, while DDOT's site is down.

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  • Typical DC BS

    Wonder if it's the same group lead by the guy in NYC who was on welfare. Wish they'd find these idiots and bash them about the head with their keyboards.

  • questionMark

    lol attacking DC Government sites does nothing for their movement. DC Government is a LOCAL Government and plays no part in federal connections to worldwide issues.

  • Begla

    How is a few hours of downtime screwing over 600,000 people? And it's not like DC is some paradise free from the same social dynamics of global capitalism and state violence that underlines their anger.