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Today In Marion Barry Tweets

#kmba has to stand for "Kiss My Black Ass," right? Right??

UPDATE: Barry tweets at us to clarify.

A) Hahahahaha sure. B) Oh, the substance of the message is loud and clear.

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  • Keith B.

    What an offensive tweet by Market U. Barry is not crazy!

  • thatshitcray

    So you are saying that Barry is just a crackhead. Crazy took it too far.

  • Cap City Records Panhandler


  • Ben

    @thatshitcray: Thanks, jokes are always much better when someone explains them

  • DC_LovesYou

    You know, maybe I was wrong about Marion Barry. He quick to shut his haters down and I can't argue with that. Plus he's right, a lot of people say shit behind the computer but won't bat an eye in person. Kudos to Barry for pointing these cowards out for a change...

  • Keith B.

    Are you one of these cowards, DC_LovesYou? Post with your real name, punk!

    (I'm not being serious, I don't care who you post as)

  • ListenToLeon

    Funny stuff. If #kmba really is internet geek for "Kiss My Black Ass" I missed the memo on that one. Might have to start using it!!!