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DCPS Throwing Money At Principals

The Examiner is reporting that DCPS is instituting a new $10 million grant program for principals at underperforming schools. School heads can apply for a grant of up to $400,000 to fund "innovative" solutions to performance problems, like longer hours. But wait—where is the money coming from?

One longtime psychologist, unhappy to take on the coordinators' responsibilities, said she was perplexed by the available grant money.

"I don't understand how they can cut positions one week and throw all this money at the schools the next week," said the psychologist, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of losing her job. "It's upsetting, and disheartening."

[DCPS spokeswoman MelissaSalmanowitz said the $10 million was available because central office "absorbed the reductions," but declined to specify which programs had been discontinued.

Any DCPS employees care to weigh in?

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  • drez

    Not a dcps employee, however summer school has been severely cut. Both in the numbers of locations and (more importantly) in the hours of operation.

  • name

    Because you can't add enough summer school to account for 2 semesters of lost school hours to an under-performing teacher and if you're going to hire people willing to be accountable (with their job on the line), then you have to pay for the risk.

  • Mr. Remember

    Again, don't we go through this every budget cycle. It is all unnecessary drama. Which I think has become more common and expected on the business calendar. I can guarantee you that it is already penciled in for calendar year 2013. Probably two-weeks are marked off and referenced as "drama week" with DCPS. Insanity, is when you do things over, over and over again with the same results.

  • Dcps employee ninja

    Better question, how can dcps central office afford to give its employees iPhone 4s' at 799 a pop. I bet that's not on any " budget list"...