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What Do You Think Of WMATA’s New Anti-Sexual Harassment Campaign?

This week WMATA debuted its new ad campaign and website for reporting sexual harassment. Here's the ad:

If that doesn't look like a Metrorail car to you, that's because it isn't. The ad is a remake of Boston's transit agency's award winning anti-groping campaign. Here's the original:

Of note: the Boston campaign encourages riders to snap photos of offenders, while Metro's does not.

At any rate, as moves go, it's smart to reproduce something successful rather than try to work up a new campaign itself. And Metro deserves credit for moving so quickly on the campaign, even if they took the long way to understanding that this is a serious problem. WMATA spox Dan Stessel tells us over email that all complaints will be included in the quarterly security report presented to the Metro board.

We're looking forward to seeing how it works.

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  • Peter Orvetti

    It's fine, though the "expose" wordplay is a bit tasteless. And my understanding is that Metro hasn't really taken complaints seriously in the past.

    Plus, why just copy Boston's ad? Couldn't WMATA at least trade out the photo?

  • Woody Hinkle

    It's not a very good ad. Too much going on and not much power to it. Kind of vanilla. Too many logos, too much copy and not many people will pay attention to it.

    Could have been MUCH better, much stronger.

    They just borrowed it from Boston? Why not "borrow" something that's actually good?

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